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Very Best Of - 2015 Version (2CD)

Stil Pop / Rock
Erschienen 30.10.2015
Inhalt 2 CD
Kundenbewertung Keine Rezension vorhanden

Tracks - Disc 1 (CD)

play 1.Get Down And Get With It 3:51
play 2.Coz I Luve You 3:26
play 3.Look Wot Your Dun 2:58
play 4.Take Me Bak 'ome 3:16
play 5.Mama Weer All Crazee Now 3:46
play 6.Gudbuy T'jane 3:33
play 7.Cum On Feel The Noize 4:26
play 8.Skweeze Me. Pleeze Me 4:31
play 9.My Friend Stan 2:42
play 10.Everyday 3:11
play 11.Bangin Man 4:12
play 12.Far Far Away 3:37
play 13.How Does It Feel 5:54
play 14.Thanks For The Memory - Wham Bam Thank You Mam 4:35
play 15.In For A Penny 3:36
play 16.Let's Call It Quits 3:32
play 17.We'll Bring The House Down 3:35
play 18.My Oh My 4:11
play 19.Run Runaway 3:46
play 20.Merry Xmas Everybody 3:28

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Tracks - Disc 2 (CD)

play 1.All Join Hands 4:16
play 2.Gypsy Roadhog 3:24
play 3.My Baby Left Me - That's All Right 2:24
play 4.Lock Up Your Daughters 3:30
play 5.Wheels Ain't Coming Down 3:40
play 6.Born To Be Wild 3:13
play 7.Ruby Red 2:53
play 8.(And Now The Waltz) C'est La Vie 3:47
play 9.7 Year Bitch 4:00
play 10.Myzsterious Mizster Jones 3:37
play 11.Do You Believe In Miracles 4:11
play 12.Still The Same 3:55
play 13.Radio Wall Of Sound 3:47
play 14.Universe 4:14

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