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The Art of Vinyl Covers 2019

Mitarbeit Oliver Seltmann, Bernd Jonkmanns
Label Seltmann + Söhne
Kategorie Kalender
Erscheint 02.11.2018
Anzahl Seiten 370
ISBN 978-3-946688-37-2
Kundenbewertung Keine Rezension vorhanden

This brilliant new calendar was introduced for 2018 with considerable success and appears again for 2019, showing off 365 brand new pictures of LP or vinyl covers.
The talents and work of all manner of known and unknown recording artists are collected together here to produce a selection of images, which will delight the owner of the calendar. Backed by a strong supporting stand, it is a tear-off calendar that shows the diversity of record cover artwork throughout the years.

Here is a handful of some of the artists featured in the 2018 edition and selected at random to whet the appetite - Miles Davis, the Sex Pistols, Blondie, Prince, The Clash, Santana, Nat King Cole, Bill Haley and the Comets, Elvis, The Ramones, Mayer Hawthorne, Madness, Thelonius Monk and inevitably, The Beatles.

In fact, although primarily designed as a tear-off calendar, the whole thing can almost be read like an illustrated book and it is possible that it could be kept intact, as it is simply pleasing to browse through it and remind the viewer of so many of the exciting sounds of yesterday.

With vinyl becoming so popular again, this item will appeal to every lover of music and contemporary graphic art.

Currently vinyl is coming alive and therefore all the artful covers of the last decade are digged out presenting us a piece of history every day. Known and unknown artists and photographers are collected in this tear-off calendar showing us the diversity of vinyl covers trough the years.


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