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The Darkness - Hidden Iceland Series 1

Englisch · Taschenbuch

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'Superb . . . chilling . . . one of the greatest tragic heroines of contemporary detective fiction' Sunday Times 'Outstanding' Daily Mail 'An intelligent, provocative whodunit with a killer twist' Ian Rankin ____________ A body is found off the coast of Iceland. A young Russian woman, Elena, hoped to find a fresh start. Instead she found death. A cursory police investigation calls it suicide. Another statistic, she's soon forgotten . . . But not by Reykjavik Detective Inspector Hulda Hermannsdottir. Difficult and unconventional, Hulda is being forced into early retirement. Offered one last cold case to investigate she chooses Elena's. On discovering another woman has vanished, she believes a killer roams free. Her colleagues, however, think she's out to cause trouble. With days before she's stripped of her badge, can Hulda catch the killer alone? ____________ 'The perfect territory for mystery [writers]' New York Times 'Expertly plotted, with an ending that's a true shocker' Guardian 'Magnificently dark and twisted and that ending - blimey!' C. J. Tudor, bestselling author of The Chalk Man Pick of the Paperbacks, Sunday Times 'Outstanding series debut . . . builds to its stunning conclusion, one of the more remarkable in recent crime fiction' Publishers Weekly ' The Darkness melds an insightful character study with a solid plot for an outstanding novel' Washington Post


Autoren Ragnar Jonasson, Ragnar Jónasson
Mitarbeit Victoria Cribb (Übersetzung)
Verlag Penguin Books Uk
Serien Hidden Iceland
Hidden Iceland
Thema Belletristik > Spannung > Krimis, Thriller, Spionage
Sprache Englisch
Produktform Taschenbuch
Erschienen 04.10.2018
EAN 9781405930802
ISBN 978-1-4059-3080-2
Seiten 352
Abmessung 129 mm x 198 mm x 21 mm


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