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The Crime Book: Big Ideas Simply Explained

DK, Peter James

Inglese; Copertina rigida
Autori DK, Peter James
Con la collaborazione di Peter James (Prefazione)
Editore Dorling Kindersley Uk
Lingue Inglese
Formato Copertina rigida
Pubblicazione 03.04.2017
EAN 9780241298961
ISBN 978-0-241-29896-1
Pagine 352
Dimensioni 200 mm x 240 mm x 27 mm
Valutazione Nessuna critica disponibile

With more than 100 crimes to explore, from Jack the Ripper to pirates and modern day drug cartels, "The Crime Book" examines the science, psychology and sociology of criminal behaviour. Covers history's most infamous crimes, from kidnapping and political plots to serial killers and rogue traders.

From Jack the Ripper to the modern day drug cartels, discover the most notorious crimes and criminals in history.
With a foreword by bestselling crime author Peter James, The Crime Book explores over 100 crimes and examines the science, psychology and sociology of criminal behaviour. See the gory details of each crime and how it was solved, with renowned quotes and detailed criminal profiles letting you delve into the criminal mind.
The Crime Book looks at the big ideas and concepts in criminology spanning from pirates, kidnapping and political plots to modern con artists, serial killers and rogue traders, including the Black Dahlia investigation, the Mississippi Scheme, and the notorious Jeffrey Dahmer.
The Crime Book is the perfect introduction to law enforcement and criminology across history's most infamous crimes.


For a wide-ranging take on true crime illustrated with infographics, The Crime Book is a bloody, engrossing history of criminology, from bandits and serial killers to 21st century cyber predators. Famous cases include Jack The Ripper, the Black Dahlia murder and Bonnie and Clyde. Crime Scene

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