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To Save Everything, Click Here - Technology, Solutionism, Urge to Fix Problems That Don t Exist

Evgeny Morozov, Morozov Evgeny

Inglese; Tascabile
Editore Penguin Books Uk
Lingue Inglese
Formato Tascabile
Pubblicazione 03.07.2014
EAN 9780241957707
ISBN 978-0-241-95770-7
Pagine 256
Dimensioni 130 mm x 200 mm x 27 mm
Valutazione Nessuna critica disponibile

Our gadgets are getting smarter. Technology can log what we buy, customize what we consume and enable us to save and share every aspect of our existence. In the future, we're told, it will even make public life - from how we're governed to how we record crime - better. But can the digital age fix everything? Should it?


If you've ever had the niggling feeling, as you spoon down your google, that there's no such thing as a free lunch, Morozov's book will tell you how you might end up paying for it Brian Eno

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