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Informationen zum Autor Ayn Rand (1905-1982) is best known for her philosophy of Objectivism and her novels We the Living, Anthem, The Fountainhead, and Atlas Shrugged. Klappentext INCLUDES THE NEVER-BEFORE-PUBLISHED NOVEL In print for the first time ever, author and philosopher Ayn Rand's novel Ideal. Originally conceived as a novel but then transformed into a play by Ayn Rand, Ideal is the story of beautiful but tormented actress Kay Gonda. Accused of murder, she is on the run, and she turns for help to six fans who have written letters to her, each telling her that she represents their ideal—a respectable family man, a far-left activist, a cynical artist, an evangelist, a playboy, and a lost soul. Each reacts to her plight in his own way, their reactions a glimpse into their secret selves and their true values. In the end their responses to her pleas give Kay the answers she has been seeking. Ideal was written in 1934 as a novel, but Ayn Rand thought the theme of the piece would be better realized as a play and put the novel aside. Now, both versions of Ideal are available for the first time ever to the millions of Ayn Rand fans around the world, giving them a unique opportunity to explore the creative process of Rand as she wrote first a book, then a play, and the differences between the two. WITH AN INTRODUCTION BY LEONARD PEIKOFF Chapter One “If it’s murder—why don’t we hear more about it? If it’s not— why do we hear so much? When interviewed on the subject, Miss Frederica Sayers didn’t say yes, and she didn’t say no. She has refused to give out the slightest hint as to the manner of her brother’s sudden death. Granton Sayers died in his Santa Bar­bara mansion two days ago, on the night of May 3rd. On the evening of May 3rd Granton Sayers had dinner with a famous—oh, very famous—screen star. That is all we know. “Sorry we can’t give you any lower low-down— but we can suggest a few questions—if they have not occurred to you al­ready. It would be interesting to know where that enchanting siren of the screen was on the night of May 3rd—after dinner. Or where she has been ever since. And if—as Miss Frederica Sayers maintains--there is nothing to whisper about, why are there such persistent rumors linking that certain famous name with the death of the great oil king of the West? All of which leaves Miss Frederica in the position of the West’s oil queen and sole heiress to the Sayers millions—if any. “Now, to change the subject. Many readers have called in inquiring as to the present whereabouts of Kay Gonda. This lovely lady of the screen has been absent from her Hollywood home for the last two days and the studio moguls refuse to re­veal the why and the where. Some suspicious persons are whis­pering that the said moguls do not know it themselves.” The City Editor of the Los Angeles Courier sat down on the desk of Irving Ponts. Irving Ponts wore an eternal smile, wrote “This and That,” star column of the Los Angeles Courier, and had a stomach which interfered with his comfort when he sat down. The City Editor trans­ferred his pencil from the right corner of his mouth to the left, and asked: “On the level, Irv, do you know where she is?” “Search me,” said Irving Ponts. “Are they looking for her?” “Ditto,” said Irving Ponts. “Have they filed charges against her in Santa Barbara?” “Ditto.” “What did your police friends say?” “That,” said Irving Ponts, “wouldn’t do you any good, because you couldn’t print where they told me to go.” “You don’t really think she did it, do you, Irv? Because why the hell would she do it?” “No reason,” said Irving Ponts. “Except, is there ever any reason for anything Kay Gonda does?” | The City Editor called Morrison Pickens. Morrison Pickens looked as if in the sparse six feet of his body there were not a single bon...

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Ayn Rand

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Authors Ayn Rand
Publisher Penguin Books Uk
Languages English
Product format Paperback / Softback
Released 30.07.2015
EAN 9780451473172
ISBN 978-0-451-47317-2
No. of pages 246
Dimensions 151 mm x 227 mm x 12 mm
Series Modern Classics
Penguin Modern Classics
New American Library
Penguin Modern Classics
Penguin Classics
Subjects Fiction > Narrative literature

FICTION / Literary, ideal, DRAMA / American / General, Plays, Playscripts

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