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CH Audio-CD

Carlos Peron

11 Deadly Sins (11 CDs)

Artists Carlos Peron
Genre Independent, Punk
Content 11 CDs
Released 01.12.2011
Evaluation No review available

Producer, musician, and founder of the world famous group “Yello”, Carlos Perón has been for decades now one of the established greats in the European fetish scene. His numerous publications of erotic soundtracks since the early ‘nineties have made it impossible to imagine the erotic and fetish scene without the “high-priest” Perón.

Avoiding every kind of cliché, Péron does not invoke crude provocation but applies his sounds economically and aptly, and thereby exactly satisfies the taste of erotic music’s fans. Perón has this to say: “I work in the same way as a film director. It starts with an idea of how a piece should sound. Various musicians I assemble around me then convert this idea perfectly into sound”.

The appearance of “11 Deadly Sins” provides a collection, unique in the world, of his 11 most successful albums in the genre erotic music. Naturally, “Terminatrix“, the soundtrack to the first full-length fetish performance worldwide and “La salle blanche” with the amazing voice of Madame Tina Duviosin, are included in the set. The extensive and informative booklet contains erotic photos by the star photographer Wolfgang Eichler, whose work regularly appears in magazines such as “Penthouse”, “Playboy”, or “Men’s Health”. About his own approach the photographer Eichler says: “In my opinion the best pictures are conceived in the head. In the end of course it does matter that they are realised”.

As an extra treat, “11 Deadly Sins” is offering something really special. The erotic toy “Ring-A-Buzz” included in the package vibrates not only when the mobile phone rings, but can also be activated by hand. The vibration can easily be adjusted to suit. You can wait for a call or a text message, or start it yourself, to enjoy its erotic thrills.

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