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The Barr Brothers

Queens Of The Breakers

Artists The Barr Brothers
Genre Folk
Content CD
Released 13.10.2017
Evaluation No review available


play 1.Defibrillation
feat. Lucius
play 2.Look Before It Changes 4:38
play 3.Song That I Heard 3:58
play 4.Maybe Someday 4:12
play 5.Kompromat 4:34
play 6.You Would Have To Lose Your Mind 6:22
play 7.Queens Of The Breakers 5:28
play 8.It Came To Me 4:22
play 9.Hideous Glorious 4:14
play 10.Hideous Glorious, Pt. 2 1:48
play 11.Ready For War 5:48

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