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Zeal & Ardor

Stranger Fruit

Artists Zeal & Ardor
Genre Hardrock, Metal
Content CD
Released 08.06.2018
Evaluation No review available



play 1.Intro 2:14
play 2.Gravedigger's Chant 3:11
play 3.Servants 3:30
play 4.Don't You Dare 3:29
play 5.Fire Of Motion 2:28
play 6.The Hermit 2:42
play 7.Row Row 3:06
play 8.Ship On Fire 3:33
play 9.Waste 3:19
play 10.You Ain't Coming Back 3:19
play 11.The Fool 2:25
play 12.We Can't Be Found 3:32
play 13.Stranger Fruit 3:29
play 14.Solve 1:22
play 15.Coagula 1:38
play 16.Built On Ashes 4:35

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