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The Battle of Gettysburg 1863 (2) English Paperback / Softback Fr. 29.90 Will be released 01.06.2023
With Hot Lead and Cold Steel English Paperback / Softback Fr. 26.90 Will be released 01.09.2023
The US Marine Corps 1775-1859 English Paperback / Softback Fr. 26.90 Will be released 01.05.2023
A Brief History of the USA English Paperback Fr. 19.90 Will be released 31.12.2021
Lincoln's 90-Day Volunteers 1861 English Paperback / Softback Fr. 18.50 New edition in preparation, currently unavailable
The Civil War Paintings of Mort K├╝nstler Volume 3 English Hardback Fr. 49.90 Will be released 03.08.2021
America'S Buried History English 31.05.2020 Hardback Sold out
Cold Mountain English 27.06.2019 Paperback Sold out
Submarine Warfare in the Civil War English 08.05.2003 Paperback / Softback Sold out
The Fiery Trial English 24.05.2011 Hardback Sold out
Your Friend, As Ever, A. Lincoln English 14.03.2014 Hardback Sold out
Founders' Son English 09.10.2014 Hardback Sold out