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Berolinum Latinum Latin 01.01.2012 Paperback / Softback Fr. 23.90 New edition in preparation, currently unavailable
Rudimenta Linguae Umbricae Et Rudimenta Linguae Oscae Latin 31.03.2015 Paperback / Softback Fr. 67.80 1-2 weeks (title will be printed to order)
Marco Polo the Description of the World Latin 01.01.2008 Paperback / Softback Fr. 43.50 3-5 weeks (title will be specially ordered)
de Bello Catilinario Et Jugurthino Latin 01.01.2006 Paperback / Softback Fr. 20.50 3-5 weeks (title will be specially ordered)
7 Tage in Rom German, Latin Paperback / Softback Sold out