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In the Last Analysis

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Zusatztext KATE FANSLER IS "AN AMATEUR DETECTIVE IN THE FINEST TRADITION." --The New York Times "YOU'LL BE ENTERTAINED RIGHT UP TO THE TIME YOU FIND OUT WHO MADE THE FREUDIAN SLIP." --Buffalo Evening News "YOU'LL LOVE IT ALL AND BEG FOR MORE." --Saturday Review Informationen zum Autor Amanda Cross is the pseudonymous author of the bestselling Kate Fansler mysteries, of which her newest novel, Honest Doubt, is the thirteenth. As Carolyn G. Heilbrun, she is the Avalon Foundation Professor in the Humanities Emerita at Columbia University. She has served as president of the Modern Language Association as well as vice president of the Authors Guild. Dr. Heilbrun is also the author of Writing a Woman's Life, Hamlet's Mother and Other Women, The Education of a Woman: The Life of Gloria Steinem, and, most recently, The Last Gift of Time: Life Beyond Sixty. Klappentext When beautiful Janet Harrison asks English professor Kate Fansler to recommend a Manhattan psychoanalyst, Kate immediately sends the girl to her dear friend and former lover, Dr. Emanuel Bauer. Seven weeks later, the girl is stabbed to death on Emanuel's couch--with incriminating fingerprints on the murder weapon. To Kate, the idea of her brilliant friend killing anyone is preposterous, but proving it seems an impossible task. For Janet had no friends, no lover, no family. Why, then, should someone feel compelled to kill her? Kate's analytic techniques leave no stone unturned--not even the one under which a venomous killer once again lies coiled and ready to strike. . . . Prologue "I didn't say I objected to Freud," Kate said. "I said I objected to what Joyce called Freudful errors-all those nonsensical conclusions leaped to by people with no reticence and less mind." "If you are going to hold psychiatry responsible for sadistic parlor games, I see no point in continuing the discussion," Emanuel answered. But they would continue the discussion nonetheless; it had gone on for years, and showed no signs of exhausting itself. "By the way," Kate said, "I've sent you a patient. At any rate, a student asked me to recommend a psychoanalyst, and I gave her your name and address. I have no idea if she'll call, but I rather expect she will. Her name is Janet Harrison." Kate walked to the window and looked out on the raw and blustery weather. It was the sort of January day when even she, who loathed spring, longed for it. "Considering your opinion of psychiatry," Nicola said, "Emanuel should feel duly honored. Look honored, Emanuel!" Nicola, Emanuel's wife, followed these discussions rather as the spectator at a tennis match follows the ball, her head turning from one to the other. Having managed to place her faith in psychiatry without withdrawing her right to criticize, she applauded the good shots and groaned at the misses. Kate and Emanuel, charmed with Nicola as audience, enjoyed the matches not only for the occasional insights which emerged from them, but also because they shared the knack of irritating without ever offending each other. Nicola smiled on them both. "It isn't Freud himself one quarrels with," Kate said, "nor even the great body of theory he evolved. It's the dissemination of his ideas in the modern world. I'm always reminded of the story of the Japanese gentleman and the Trinity: 'Honorable Father, very good; Honorable Son, very good; but Honorable Bird I do not understand at all.' " "Your quotations," Emanuel said, "always enliven the conversation without in any way advancing the discussion." "The only quotation I can think of," said Nicola, in her turn walking to the window, "is 'If Winter comes, can Spring be far behind?' " Which, as it turned out, was the most significant remark anybody made that afternoon. One Someone had c...

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Authors Amanda Cross
Publisher Fawcett Book Group
Languages English
Product format Paperback
Released 02.01.2001
EAN 9780449007112
ISBN 978-0-449-00711-2
No. of pages 224
Dimensions 108 mm x 175 mm x 15 mm
Series Kate Fansler Novels (Paperback
Kate Fansler
Kate Fansler
Subject Fiction > Suspense

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