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Sword Catcher

English · Paperback / Softback

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Informationen zum Autor Cassandra Clare Klappentext Two outcasts in a vibrant city: Kel, body double to the royal heir; and Lin, a physician from a marginalized community of magic-users. After a failed assassination, the pair find themselves caught in a web of forbidden love and dark secrets. The start of a riveting new fantasy series from the author of The Shadowhunter Chronicles. Leseprobe There was a slight commotion at the door. Kel looked up to a swirl of Castelguards outside, like an incursion of flames. In their midst was a boy, who passed through the door and closed it firmly behind him. Bensimon straightened up; he did not seem surprised. “Prince Conor.” Kel felt his stomach drop. Here was the boy he’d been imper­sonating. A boy who had clearly never been sick. He gathered, now, that it had all been a test—and that this was somehow the final part. The Crown Prince was all in steel blue, just like Kel. He was not wearing a circlet, but Kel would have known him for a prince re­gardless. He was tall for his age, with his mother’s fine features, and there was a sort of leaping flame behind his eyes and laughing ex­pression on his face that made Kel want to smile at him, which was startling enough in itself. He knew the boy ought to be terrifying—he was royalty—and he was, and yet Kel wanted to smile at the Prince all the same. Though he had no more years than Kel, Conor seemed worlds older as he crossed the room with a light step and said, “How was it, then? Being me?” An unexpected ache bloomed like a flower behind Kel’s rib cage. I want to be like him, Kel thought. I want to walk through the world as if it will reshape itself around my dreams and desires. I want to seem as if I could touch the stars with light fingers and pull them down to be my playthings. It was strange to want something you had never known you wanted. Kel just nodded, as if to say that it was all fine. Conor tilted his head to the side, like a curious robin. “Leave us, Mayesh,” he said. “I would talk to Kel alone.” Kel rather expected the Counselor to put up a fight. Instead, Mayesh Bensimon seemed to be hiding a smile. “As you wish,” he said, and swirled from the room in a cloud of gray cloak. When he was gone, Kel rather missed him. Bensimon was the person he had known longest in the Palace. Prince Conor, though Kel had spent the night pretending to be him, was a stranger.  “Do you like weapons?” Conor said. “I could give you a dagger, if you liked.” “To do what with?” Kel asked, suspiciously. Conor smiled crookedly. “I don’t know what you like, you see,” he said. “I’m trying to think how to convince you to stay.” “Stay? Here? In the Palace?” Conor sat down on the edge of the smaller bed. “My father fos­tered in the kingdom of Malgasi,” he said. “They have a tradition there. When a prince turns ten years old, he is given a sort of—bodyguard. Királar, they call him. Sword Catcher. He is meant to stand in for the prince, to—to protect him from danger. He learns to walk and talk like him, to dress like him. He is made to look like him.” “Made to look like him?” Kel echoed. “Talismans, charms. Posy-drops to change the color of his eyes.” He sighed. “I am not making it sound very pleasant, but I told my­self I would be honest with you. There is no point not being. You would find out, eventually.” “You want me,” Kel said, slowly, “to be your Sword Catcher?” Conor nodded. “My father could order you, but I do not want someone reluctant. I want someone who wants to do it. And not someone torn from their family, either. That is why—you are from an orphanage?” Kel nodded. He was too stunned to speak. Conor relaxed minutely. “That is good. Jolivet did not lie to me, at least.” He looked at Kel. “What do you think?” “I think,” Kel said, “that it sounds da...

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Authors Cassandra Clare
Publisher Del Rey
Languages English
Product format Paperback / Softback
Released 10.10.2023
EAN 9780593724477
ISBN 978-0-593-72447-7
No. of pages 604
Dimensions 156 mm x 233 mm x 40 mm
Series The Chronicles of Castellane
Sword Catcher / The Chronicles of Castellane
Subject Fiction > Science fiction, fantasy

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