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Cambridge Handbook of Creativity

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The largest and broadest-ranging Handbook of creativity yet, presenting comprehensive, rigorous, and up-to-date scientific scholarship on creativity.

List of contents

An introduction to the second edition: divergences and some convergences James C. Kaufman and Robert J. Sternberg; Part I. An Introduction to Creativity; Section 1. The Nature of Creativity: 1. Creativity: a historical perspective Vlad P. Glaveanu and James C. Kaufman; 2. A review of creativity theories: what questions are we trying to answer? James C. Kaufman and Vlad P. Glaveanu; 3. Assessment of creativity Jonathan A. Plucker, Matthew C. Makel and Meihua Qian; 4. Understanding the development of creativity across the lifespan Anna N. N. Hui, Mavis W. J. He and Wan Chi Wong; 5. Enhancing people's creativity Robert J. Sternberg; Part II. Underpinnings of Creativity; Section 1. Biological Underpinnings: 6. Evolutionary approaches to creativity Aaron Kozbelt; 7. The genetic basis of creativity: a multivariate approach Baptiste Barbot and Henry Eff; 8. Neuroscience of creativity Oshin Vartanian; Section 2. Cognitive Underpinnings of Creativity: 9. Creative cognition Thomas B. Ward and Yuliya Kolomyts; 10. Creativity and cognitive control Mathias Benedek and Emanuel Jauk; 11. Divergent thinking Mark A. Runco and Selcuk Acar; Section 3. Affective Underpinnings of Creativity: 12. In the mood for creativity Matthijs Baas; 13. Emotions and creativity: from process to person and product Zorana Ivcevic and Jessica Hoffmann; 14. Creativity and mental illness Shelley H. Carson; 15. Creativity and healing Marie Forgeard; Part III. Differential Bases for Creativity; Section 1. Individual Differences in Creativity: 16. The relation of creativity to intelligence and wisdom Robert J. Sternberg, James C. Kaufman and Anne M. Roberts; 17. The function of personality in creativity: updates on the creative personality Gregory J. Feist; 18. Motivation and creativity Beth A. Hennessey; 19. Creative self-beliefs Maciej Karwowski, Izabela Lebuda and Ronald A. Beghetto; Section 2. Environmental Differences in Creativity: 20. Cultural perspectives on creativity Todd Lubart, Vlad P. Glaveanu, Henrie de Vries, Ana Camargo and Martin Storme; 21. Eastern-Western views of creativity Weihua Niu; 22. Creativity's role in society Dean Keith Simonton; 23. The physical environment and creativity: a theoretical framework Jan Dul; Part IV. Creativity in the World; Section 1. Collaborative Creativity: 24. Improving creativity in organizational settings: applying research on creativity to organizations Roni Reiter-Palmon, Kevin S. Mitchell and Ryan Royston; 25. Leading for creativity: a tripartite model Michael D. Mumford, Robert Martin, Samantha Elliott and Tristan McIntosh; 26. Individual and group creativity R. Keith Sawyer; Section 2. Contexts for Creativity: 27. Creativity in classrooms Ronald A. Beghetto; 28. Play and creativity Sandra W. Russ and Ellen A. Doernberg; 29. The creative city Richard Florida; 30. Creativity's role in everyday life Katherine N. Cotter, Alexander P. Christensen and Paul J. Silvia; Section 3. Manifestations of Creativity: 31. Creative genius Dean Keith Simonton; 32. Creativity and malevolence: past, present and future David H. Cropley and Arthur J. Cropley; 33. Creativity and aesthetics Pablo P. L. Tinio; 34. Imagination is the seed of creativity Rebecca J. M. Gotlieb, Elizabeth Hyde, Mary Helen Immordino-Yang and Scott Kaufman; 35. What is and what can be: the scope and possibilities of creativity and creativity research James C. Kaufman, Vlad P. Glaveanu and Robert J. Sternberg


This Handbook covers virtually all of the many facets of scientific research on creativity, including the related areas of innovation and imagination. It includes cutting-edge work from psychology, education, business, entrepreneurship, and neuroscience to present a complete overview of the nuanced topic of creativity.

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