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Living in Style City

Andreas vo Einsiedel, Andreas von Einsiedel, Ret Guntli...

Andreas von Einsiedel, Reto Guntli

English, German, French; Hardback
Authors Andreas vo Einsiedel, Andreas von Einsiedel, Ret Guntli, Judith Jenner
Assisted by Andreas von Einsiedel (Photographs), Reto Guntli (Photographs)
Publisher Teneues
Languages English, German, French
Product format Hardback
Released 01.03.2015
EAN 9783832732431
ISBN 978-3-8327-3243-1
Dimensions 262 mm x 328 mm x 23 mm
Weight 1898 g
Illustrations édition en anglais
Evaluation No review available

Cities are fascinating places that attract growing numbers of people every year. They offer seemingly unlimited opportunities and a vibrant cultural life. And people's homes are as varied as the cities themselves. Living in Style City shows the most stunning urban homes from around the world. Whether it's a New York apartment, a London townhouse, or a Berlin loft, this richly illustrated coffee table book features endless inspiration. Discover the private side of the world's most enchanting cities and immerse yourself in beautiful interiors that reflect their local culture. One common threat ties all of the presented styles together: a love of urban living.

About the author

Andreas von Einsiedel gehört zu den besten Interior-Fotografen der Welt. Seine faszinierenden Fotos wurden in vielen Büchern und internationalen Zeitschriften veröffentlicht.

Reto Guntli, geboren 1956, bereist seit vielen Jahren als Fotograf die ganze Welt. Seine Fotoreportagen erscheinen in internationalen Magazinen wie Architectural Digest, Vogue und Elle Decoration.

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