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Wörterbuch der Patent- und Markenpraxis, Deutsch-Englisch. Dictionary of Patent and Trade Mark Terms, English-German

J D von Uexküll, Alexa von Uexküll-Güldenband, Alexa von Uexküll-Güldenbrand...

German, English; Hardback
Authors J D von Uexküll, Alexa von Uexküll-Güldenband, Alexa von Uexküll-Güldenbrand, Alexa von Uexküll-Güldenband
Publisher Heymanns
Languages German, English
Product format Hardback
Released 01.08.2011
EAN 9783452274182
ISBN 978-3-452-27418-2
No. of pages 515
Weight 492 g
Evaluation No review available

German-English / English-German. New edition.
This dictionary is a unique guide to the language of trade mark law and patent law providing the very latest information.
Recently there have been important changes in the German trade mark law and the impact of the European Community law has increased. This edition has been updated to include the above changes.
The dictionary will be invaluable to patent agents, patentees, patent offices, lawyers, and those within business and industry affected by patent law and trade mark law.

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Alexa von Uexküll-Güldenband

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