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Brain Storms English 15.09.2015 Hardback Fr. 44.90 1-3 working days
Dream Machine: Exploring the Computer Age English 01.10.1993 Paperback / Softback Fr. 35.50 3-5 weeks (title will be specially ordered)
Brain Storms: The Race to Unlock the Mysteries of Parkinson's Disease English 06.09.2016 Paperback / Softback Fr. 23.50 3-5 weeks (title will be specially ordered)
Brain Storms English Paperback / Softback Fr. 28.50 New edition in preparation, currently unavailable
Przescignac parkinsona Polish 01.01.2018 Paperback / Softback Sold out
Hersenstormen Flemish 31.01.2016 Paperback / Softback Sold out
Stürme im Gehirn German 01.02.2016 Hardback Sold out