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The Professor (2018)

Inglese · Blu-ray

US Version | Codice regionale  A
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Johnny Depp finds the role of a lifetime in the hilarious, boundary-pushing and heart-breaking THE PROFESSOR. Depp plays Richard, a buttoned-down college lecturer, whose life is turned upside down after learning he has six months to live. To the shock of his wife (Rosemarie DeWitt: La La Land, Mad Men) and school chancellor (Ron Livingston: The Conjuring, Swingers)- and the delight of his students--Richard embarks on a hilarious crusade against authority and hypocrisy, with sex, drugs and bad behaviour galore in this dark comedy

Dettagli sul prodotto

Regista Wayne Roberts
Attore Johnny Depp, Rosemarie DeWitt, Odessa Young, Danny Huston, Zoey Deutch, Ron Livingston
Label Lion's Gate
Genere Drammatico
Contenuto Blu-ray
Età consigliata 16 anni
Data pubblicazione 09.07.2019
Audio Inglese (Dolby Digital)
Formato 16/9
Anno di produzione 2018
Titolo originale The Professor
Versione US Version
Codice regionale A

Cast e troupe

Recensioni dei clienti

  • Johnny Depp is Awesome in The Professor!!

    Scritta il 26. maggio 2019 da Monica Frate.
    Questa recensione si riferisce a una versione alternativa.

    I really loved seeing Johnny Depp without makeup and in the role of a normal guy who is trying to come to terms with his mortality. He is I think how most of us would want to handle being given the worst kind of news- screw it all, let’s have a drink, let’s smoke some pot, let’s go do all of the things you’re not supposed to do, let’s go Live. He’s hilarious in a crass sort of way, honest, sensitive, sentimental towards his daughter and best friend, reflective, has some regrets, angry in moments feeling let down by God or the universe for his plight and just very real. You want to live vicariously through him. He teaches his students and the people around him to live life fully and seems to shake everyone up around him. I really enjoyed watching him and the good thing about The Professor is that there are no scenes of people huddled around a hospital bed, crying. I think it was really well acted, well written, everyone did a great job and I really loved seeing Johnny in a totally different role than what we have seen recently. The Professor is completely relatable and anyone who sees this will find something that reminds them of themselves, a friend, a family member, a life event having to do with Cancer. Even though it’s emotionally- charged, I thought that it was a positive and uplifting story and I had a lot of fun watching Professor Richard. It should be on the big screen!!!

  • cooler film, - trotz traurigem thema

    Scritta il 27. novembre 2020 da mm.
    Questa recensione si riferisce a una versione alternativa.

    endlich! jhonny depp ist zurück und diesemal in nem guten drama.
    sehenswert! zum lachen und zum weinen...

  • Spannend

    Scritta il 27. settembre 2020 da Julian.
    Questa recensione si riferisce a una versione alternativa.

    Ein gut gemachter Drama / Komödien Film. Johnny Depp und auch die anderen Schauspieler haben gute Arbeit geleistet.

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