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Strangers - Season 1 (2 DVD)

Inglese · DVD

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Spedizione di solito entro 2 a 5 giorni lavorativi

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University lecturer Jonah Mulray's world is turned upside down when his wife Megan, a high-ranking international development worker, is killed in a car accident on a mountain road outside Hong Kong. Overcoming his fear of flying, Jonah jets out from London to identify the body.
Alone in an unsettling alien environment, given the runaround by overworked and underpaid local cops and haphazardly assisted by the British Consulate, Jonah discovers that the accident is not all it seems. Megan had been living a dangerous double life that left her exposed to sinister business interests. A web of conspiracy deepens as the evidence points to murder.
A taut, twisting and deeply satisfying eight-part drama from Two Brothers Pictures, the rising indie established by award-winning writers and producers Harry and Jack Williams (The Missing, Fleabag, One of Us).
Strangers is a character-driven emotional thriller - there are elements of Lost In Translation coupled with The Descendants, underpinned by a propulsive hook-laden serial narrative. Our setting is the neon-suffused hyper-modern island of Hong Kong, a place in constant motion, and the perfect metaphor for the series.

Dettagli sul prodotto

Attore John Simm, Katie Leung, Anthony Chau-Sang Wong, Tom Wu, Thomas Chaanhing, Jason Wong, Christophe Tek, Emilia Fox
Genere Drammatico
Contenuto 2 DVD
Età consigliata 15 anni
Data pubblicazione 19.11.2018
Audio Versione originale con sottoti (Dolby Digital)
Sottotitoli Inglese
Durata 6h 0min
Formato 16/9
Versione UK Version
Codice regionale 2

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