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Film Noir - The Dark Side Of Cinema (n/b, Versione Rimasterizzata, 5 Blu-ray)

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US Version | Codice regionale  A
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Witness To Murder:
Cheryl Draper (Barbara Stanwyck) sees a murder through her bedroom window, but no one will believe her. She is stalked by the suave killer ('George Sanders'), who first takes steps to convince police she is crazy, but she has ally in a sympathetic policeman (Gary Merrill).

Storm Fear:
After being wounded by a bullet, bank robber Charlie Blake seeks shelter with his gang at his brother's mountain retreat. There he rekindles his romance with his brother's wife and reconnects with the boy he believes is his son.

A Bullet For Joey:
Montreal: the former well-known gangster Joey Victor is fetched from Europe, where he was deported to from USA. His shall kidnap the nuclear physicist Dr. Macklin and bring him behind the Iron Curtain. Joey reactivates his old gang, including the formerly attractive Joyce. She shall seduce the erotically inexperienced Macklin and lure him out of his closely protected quarters. But the FBI becomes suspicious...

He Ran All The Way:
The uptight and dumb small time thief Nick Robey and his partner and only friend Al Molin steal $10,000.00 from a man, but the heist goes wrong. Al Molin is killed by a policeman and Nick shoots him in the spine. He hides out in a public swimming pool and meets the lonely spinster Peggy Dobbs in the water. Nick uses Peggy to lie low. He offers a ride in a taxi to her and she invites him to her apartment, where she introduces her family to him. When Nick discovers that he killed the cop, he decides to use Peggy's apartment as hideout to wait the police manhunt cool down. When Nick finds that Peggy loves him, he invites her to leave town with him and asks her to buy a used car. However, Nick cannot trust anybody and believes Peggy has betrayed him.

Exclusive to this Bluray - Edition:

Big House, U.S.A.:
Jerry Barker finds a lost boy whose rich father is extorted into paying a ransom for his return but the boy accidentally dies and Jerry goes to prison. Stars Ralph Meeker, Broderick Crawford and Reed Hadley.

Dettagli sul prodotto

Regista Cornel Wilde, Lewis Allen, John Berry, Roy Rowland
Attore Barbara Stanwyck, George Sanders, Jean Wallace, Edward G. Robinson, George Raft, John Garfield, Shelley Winters
Genere Poliziesco
Contenuto 5 Blu-ray
Data pubblicazione 24.05.2016
Edizione n/b, Versione Rimasterizzata
Audio Inglese
L'elenco dei film Witness To Murder (1954), Storm Fear (1955), A Bullet For Joey (1955), He Ran All The Way (1951), Big House, U.S.A. (1955)
Versione US Version
Codice regionale A

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