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And Then All Hell Broke Loose - Two Decades in the Middle East

Inglese · Copertina rigida

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“Engel — who is NBC's Chief Foreign Correspondent — offers a brisk, concise, often-hair-raising saga beginning with his early, fondly remembered years in Cairo, to the increasing bloodshed and intransigent policies, wars and terrorism of Jerusalem, Lebanon, Libya, Syria and Afghanistan . . . The book often reads like a thriller . . .”

Informationen zum Autor
Richard Engel is the award winning Chief-Foreign Correspondent for NBC and has been in the Middle East war zone for over twenty years. He is the author of And Then All Hell Broke Loose, War Journal, and A Fist in the Hornet’s Nest.


Based on two decades of reporting, NBC's chief foreign correspondent's riveting story of the Middle East revolutions, the Arab Spring, war, and terrorism seen up-close-sometimes dangerously so.


“Gripping astute, fast-paced overview...[Engel] gives us sharp, unnerving snapshots.” —Michiko Kakutani, The New York Times

Based on two decades of reporting, NBC’s chief foreign correspondent’s riveting story of the Middle East revolutions, the Arab Spring, war, and terrorism seen up-close—sometimes dangerously so.

When he was just twenty-three, a recent graduate of Stanford University, Richard Engel set off to Cairo with $2,000 and dreams of being a reporter. Shortly thereafter he was working freelance for Arab news sources and got a call that a busload of Italian tourists were massacred at a Cairo museum. This is his first view of the carnage these years would pile on. Over two decades Engel has been under fire, blown out of hotel beds, taken hostage. He has watched Mubarak and Morsi in Egypt arrested and condemned, reported from Jerusalem, been through the Lebanese war, covered the whole shooting match in Iraq, interviewed Libyan rebels who toppled Gaddafi, reported from Syria as Al-Qaeda stepped in, was kidnapped in the Syrian crosscurrents of fighting. He goes into Afghanistan with the Taliban and to Iraq with ISIS. In the page-turning And Then All Hell Broke Loose, he shares his adventure tale.

Engel takes chances, though not reckless ones, keeps a level head and a sense of humor, as well as a grasp of history in the making. Reporting as NBC’s Chief-Foreign Correspondent, he reveals his unparalleled access to the major figures, the gritty soldiers, and the helpless victims in the Middle East during this watershed time. We can experience the unforgettable suffering and despair of the local populations. Engel’s vivid description is intimate and personal. Importantly, it is a succinct and authoritative account of the ever-changing currents in that dangerous land.



"Engel's harrowing adventures make for gripping reading . . . he deftly uses them as a portal to look at how the Middle East has changed since he arrived in the region as a young reporter back in 1996. The result is a book that gives readers a brisk but wide-angled understanding of the calamities that have unfurled there over the last two decades . . . for readers looking for an astute, fast-paced overview, this book is a great explainer. . . . Mr. Engel, 42, gives us sharp, unnerving snapshots of events he witnessed and a visceral sense of the daily rhythms of life in Baghdad as the war turned increasingly chaotic . . . What makes Mr. Engel's tactile eyewitness accounts particularly valuable is that they are fuel-injected with his knowledge of the history and the politics of the region. . . . Mr. Engel writes with great concision - honed, no doubt, by years of having to compress momentous stories into a few minutes on the evening news. Michiko Kakutani The New York Times

Dettagli sul prodotto

Autori Richard Engel
Editore Simon & Schuster USA
Categorie Saggistica
Scienze sociali, diritto, economia > Scienze politiche > Scienze politiche e cittadinanza attiva
Scienze umane, arte, musica > Storia > Storia contemporanea (dal 1945 al 1989)
Lingue Inglese
Formato Copertina rigida
Pubblicazione 29.02.2016
EAN 9781451635119
ISBN 978-1-4516-3511-9

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