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avant CHF 22.90 CHF 20.90
Livraison3-5 jours
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A Star Is Born


Lady Gaga & Bradley Cooper

Interprètes Lady Gaga, Bradley Cooper
Genre Pop, Rock
Contenu CD
Sortie 05.10.2018
Évaluation 5 (1)



play 1.Intro 0:20
play 2.Black Eyes 3:04
play 3.Somewhere Over The Rainbow 0:42
play 4.Fabulous French 0:19
play 5.La Vie En Rose 3:00
play 6.I'll Wait For You 0:19
play 7.Maybe It's Time 2:39
play 8.Parking Lot 0:31
play 9.Out Of Time 2:52
play 10.Alibi 3:03
play 11.Trust Me 0:32
play 12.Shallow 3:36
play 13.First Stop, Arizona 0:11
play 14.Music To My Eyes 3:19
play 15.Diggin' My Grave 3:57
play 16.I Love You 0:19
play 17.Always Remember Us This Way 3:30
play 18.Unbelievable 0:29
play 19.How Do You Hear It? 0:15
play 20.Look What I Found 2:55
play 21.Memphis 0:24
play 22.Heal Me 3:17
play 23.I Don't Know What Love Is 2:57
play 24.Vows 0:18
play 25.Is That Right? 3:11
play 26.SNL 0:13
play 27.Why Did You Do That? 3:05
play 28.Hair Body Face 3:23
play 29.Scene 98 0:35
play 30.Before I Cry 4:19
play 31.Too Far Gone 1:26
play 32.Twelve Notes 1:04
play 33.I'll Never Love Again (Film Version) 4:41
play 34.I'll Never Love Again (Extended Version) 5:29

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Commentaires des clients

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  • de Danyle 06. octobre 2018

    I'll Never Love Again

    "I'll Never Love Again"
    Wow, welch' wundervolle Powerballade von LadyGaga. Bitte Grammy und Oscar für diese Lady!