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Queen Of Time (+ Bonustrack, Digipack)

Artists Amorphis
Genre Hardrock, Metal
Content CD
Released 18.05.2018
Edition Digipack, + Bonustrack
Evaluation No review available


Amorphis am 16.02.18 live in der Konzertfabrik Z7!


play 1.The Bee 5:31
play 2.Message In The Amber 6:44
play 3.Daughter Of Hate 6:20
play 4.The Golden Elk 6:23
play 5.Wrong Direction 5:09
play 6.Heart Of The Giant 6:33
play 7.We Accursed 5:00
play 8.Grain Of Sand 4:45
play 9.Amongst Stars 4:50
play 10.Pyres On The Coast 6:19
play 11.As Mountains Crumble 6:17
play 12.Brother And Sister 6:04

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