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Sons Of Apollo

Psychotic Symphony (Special Edition, 2 CDs)

Artists Sons Of Apollo
Genre Heavy, Hardrock
Content 2 CDs
Release 20.10.2017
Edition Special Edition
Evaluation No review available

Tracks - Disc 1 (CD)

1.God Of The Sun
2.Coming Home
3.Signs Of The Time
6.Lost In Oblivion
7.Figaro's Whore
8.Divine Addiction
9.Opus Maximus

Tracks - Disc 2 (CD)

1.God Of The Sun (Instrumental Version)
2.Coming Home (Instrumental Version)
3.Signs Of The Time (Instrumental Version)
4.Labyrinth (Instrumental Version)
5.Alive (Instrumental Version)
6.Lost In Oblivion (Instrumental Version)
7.Figaro's Whore (Instrumental Version)
8.Divine Addiction (Instrumental Version)
9.Opus Maximus (Instrumental Version)

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