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Episode 7 - Force Awakens

Exclusive Limited International Digipack Edition

Star Wars, John Williams (*1932) (Komponist/Dirigent)

Artists Star Wars
Composers John Williams (*1932) (Komponist/Dirigent)
Genre Score
Content CD
Released 18.12.2015
Evaluation No review available

O-Card featuring cover artwork different from standard digipack, exclusive to this format
Two CD sized lithographs


play 1.Main Title And The Attack On The Jakku Village 6:27
play 2.Scavenger 3:43
play 3.I Can Fly Anything 3:13
play 4.Rey Meets BB-8 1:33
play 5.Follow Me 2:56
play 6.Rey's Theme 3:12
play 7.Falcon 3:35
play 8.That Girl With The Staff 1:59
play 9.Rathtars 4:08
play 10.Finn's Confession 2:09
play 11.Maz's Counsel 3:09
play 12.Starkiller 1:52
play 13.Kylo Ren Arrives At The Battle 2:01
play 14.Abduction 2:25
play 15.Han And Leia 4:46
play 16.March Of The Resistance 2:36
play 17.Snoke 2:04
play 18.On The Inside 2:06
play 19.Torn Apart 4:20
play 20.Ways Of The Force 3:16
play 21.Scherzo For X-Wings 2:33
play 22.Farewell And The Trip 4:57
play 23.Jedi Steps And Finale 8:52

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