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Justin Timberlake

Man Of The Woods

Artists Justin Timberlake
Genre Pop, Rock
Content CD
Released 02.02.2018
Evaluation 1 (1)



play 1.Filthy 4:54
play 2.Midnight Summer Jam 5:13
play 3.Sauce 4:05
play 4.Man Of The Woods 4:04
play 5.Higher, Higher 4:19
play 6.Wave 4:24
play 7.Supplies 3:46
play 8.Morning Light 4:03
play 9.Say Something 4:39
play 10.Hers (Interlude) 1:01
play 11.Flannel 4:50
play 12.Montana 4:40
play 13.Breeze Off The Pond 4:11
play 14.Livin' Off The Land 4:54
play 15.The Hard Stuff 3:15
play 16.Yung Man 3:46

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Customer reviews

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  • from Neinein dated 18. February 2018

    Half Time

    ich frage mich einfach nur: wie kann man mit solcher Musik Erfolg haben???
    Ech unterirdisch schwach!!!
    Wer hört sowas???