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News Tips

A Star Is Born (Deluxe Box, Deluxe Box Edition) 14.12.2018 Audio-CD Fr. 32.90 Deliverable immediately
MTV Unplugged 2 - Live vom Atlantik (2 CDs + 2 DVDs) 14.12.2018 Audio-CD + DVD Fr. 33.90 Deliverable immediately
Non Abbiamo Armi - Il Concerto (2 CDs) 25.01.2019 Audio-CD Fr. 19.90 Deliverable immediately
Les bruits de la ville 15.02.2019 Audio-CD Fr. 18.90 2-3 days
Odysee 15.02.2019 Audio-CD Fr. 23.90 Deliverable immediately
Heimat 25.01.2019 Audio-CD Fr. 18.90 2-3 days
Roi Du Silence 15.02.2019 Audio-CD Fr. 20.90 3-5 days
Sie Wollten Wasser Doch Kriegen Benzin (Limited Boxset) Audio-CD Fr. 51.90 Will be released 24.05.2019
Gypsy Soul Of Tiwayo (Limited Edition) 18.01.2019 Audio-CD Fr. 22.90 Deliverable immediately
In The End (Deluxe Edition) Audio-CD Fr. 18.90 Will be released 26.04.2019
Resist 01.02.2019 Audio-CD Fr. 19.90 Deliverable immediately
Feral Roots 30.01.2019 Audio-CD Fr. 22.90 Deliverable immediately
197/Im Auge des Sturms 18.01.2019 Audio-CD Fr. 13.90 Deliverable immediately
Adrian (2 CDs) 25.01.2019 Audio-CD Fr. 27.90 Deliverable immediately
Musica (Digipack, Deluxe Hardcover Edition) 22.02.2019 Audio-CD Fr. 21.90 1 week
Persona (Digipack) 01.02.2019 Audio-CD Fr. 24.90 3-5 days
Everythangs Corrupt 14.12.2018 Audio-CD Fr. 22.90 3-5 days
Porcelaine Audio-CD Fr. 22.90 Will be released 15.03.2019
Songs for Judy 30.11.2018 TIP Audio-CD Fr. 22.90 Deliverable immediately