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Complete catalogue CD (Tango)

Tango (Special Edition, CD + DVD) 21.09.2018 Audio-CD + DVD Fr. 24.90 Deliverable immediately
Tango 21.09.2018 Audio-CD Fr. 21.90 Deliverable immediately
Tango - Edition Collecteur Noel (3 CDs) 07.12.2018 Audio-CD Fr. 29.90 2-3 days
Revolucionario 07.12.2018 Audio-CD Fr. 24.90 4-6 days
Nostalgico 23.11.2018 Audio-CD Fr. 23.90 3-5 days
En Vivo (2 CDs) 23.11.2018 Audio-CD Fr. 25.90 3-5 days
Tango Time 20.07.2018 Audio-CD Fr. 24.90 3-5 days
Pa Saber De Tangos 13.07.2018 Audio-CD Fr. 17.90 3-5 days
Celebrando La Leyenda 08.06.2018 Audio-CD Fr. 59.90 3-5 days
Pasional 08.06.2018 Audio-CD Fr. 26.90 3-5 days
Ahewauwen - Ein Tango 18.05.2018 Audio-CD Fr. 21.90 1-2 weeks
Carta A Mi Amada 23.03.2018 Audio-CD Fr. 23.90 3-5 days
Peru Leyendas 18.02.2018 Audio-CD Fr. 43.90 4-6 days
El Rey Del Compas 12.01.2018 Audio-CD Fr. 24.90 1 week
Amber Tango - Most Beautiful Tangos In Movies 15.12.2017 Audio-CD Fr. 17.90 1 week