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CH Audio-CD

The Troika

The Moon Looked Down At Her

Artists The Troika
Genre Wave, Industrial, Gothik
Content CD
Released 25.06.2017
Evaluation 5 (1)


play 1.Shadows Of Illusion 4:39
play 2.Midwinter's Eve 4:35
play 3.Flowers Made Of Glass 6:43
play 4.Command And Control 4:06
play 5.A Graveyard In Winter 4:46
play 6.The God Of Lies And Deceit 5:06
play 7.The Moon Looked Down At Her 3:50
play 8.The Iron Rose 4:44
play 9.The Wake For The Dead 4:50
play 10.The Last Letter 4:50
play 11.The Enchanted Room 3:48

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Customer reviews

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  • from Giovanni d'Esposito dated 06. July 2018

    This CD saved my marriage

    Bought this CD on a whim, and turns out it's not bad at all. At first, my wife hated most of the tracks on this Album, but eventually we found out, that this sound is perfect for... well, you know, the birds and the bees and all that. Like with a certain chocolatey beverage, using this CD during "the act" improves my performance, and also leads to longer-lasting sessions. Five stars.