Frequently Asked Questions

Topic: Books

  • What is a bound book? What is a gatefolded brochure?

    A paperback is a book with a soft cover. The cover of a paperback book is therefore flexible, pliable and relatively thin. A bound edition or bound book is a book with hardcover, i.e. a firm, stiff and slightly thicker cover. In the case of a bound book, the hardcover (the cover) is glued to the book block (printed inner part of a book) with the help of so-called cover paper. The book block is either glued together with adhesive binding or sewn together with thread stitching. In the case of a paperback book, the cover (the flexible soft cover) is glued to the book block.

  • Can I take a look inside a book?

    For many books the "View book” button is available below the cover. Here you will gain a first impression of the text and you can read the book’s initial pages.

  • Why can I not find a book with the ISBN/EAN?

    It is possible that books which have been out of print for a longer period of time are no longer in our catalogue/cannot be found on our website. In this case, simply enter the author's surname and a word from the title in the search field. Like this you might find another edition of the book which is still available.

  • Why can I not find a book by entering the title or author details?

    A word or name may have been misspelt, or we might have a different title name in the system. In this case, try typing fewer words in the search field or entering the full name of the author and you might find the desired book in the overall selection of titles.