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Documenting First Wave Feminisms - Volume II Canada - National and Transnational Contexts

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List of contents

Acknowledgements General Introduction: Documenting First Wave Feminisms Volume Introduction I Imperial/National Feminisms * Introduction * Nahnebahwequa - Catherine Sutton, from "For a Reference" (c1860) * Lucy Waterbury, The Universal Sisterhood (189_) * Lady Ishbel Aberdeen, "Address from the National Council of Women of Canada to Her Majesty the Queen" (1897) * Henriette Forget, "The Indian Women of the Western Provinces" (1900) * E. Pauline Johnson - Tekahioucoaka, "The Iroquois Women of Canada" (1900) * Lally Bernard, "The Ladies Empire Club of London" (1904) * Letter from a Jamaican Immigrant to Lady Aberdeen (1910) * Bessie Bullen-Perry, from From Halifax to Vancouver (1912) * Gertrude Richardson, "My Canadian Letter" (1915) * Women's Century Editorial, "India and Canada" (1915) * Constance Boulton, "Our Imperial Obligations" (1915) * Anonymous, "Nationalism and Racialism" (1918) * Henrietta Muir Edwards, "Imperial or National?" (1918) * British Commonwealth League, "Resolutions Passed at the Conference on Citizen Rights of Women Within the British Empire, July 9th and 10th 1925" (1925) * Florence Custance, "The Imperial Order of the Daughters of the Empire Discuss Weighty Problems" (1926) * Cairine Wilson, "Address to the Annual Meeting of the Women's Teacher's Federation" (1940) II Internationalism * Introduction * Toronto Ladies' Association for the Relief of Destitute Colored Fugitives, "The Affectionate Address of Thousands of the Women of Canada to Their Sisters, The Women of the United States of America" (1853) * Mary Ann Shadd Cary, "A Bazaar In Toronto For Frederick Douglass' Paper, etc." (1854) * Mary Ann Shadd Cary, "Lectures" (1855) * Margaret Munn, "What is a Light Line Union? A Catechism" (188_) * Letitia Youmans, The Women's Christian Temperance Union Comes to Canada - 1874 (1893) * Robertine Barry, "When Will We See [Women in University?]" (1895) * Harriet Boomer, Commentary at the Conference of the International Council of Women (1899) * Anonymous "The Indian Committee" (1913) * Una Saunders, ed. "Canada and Japan in Combination: The YWCA" (1915) * Kate A. Foster, "Friendship House in Winnipeg" (1926) * Woman Worker Editorial, "International Women's Day Celebrations of To-day" (1928) * Canadian Working Women's Delegation, "Soviet Union Inspires Canadian Working Women" (1930) * Anna Mokry, Excerpt of Reminiscences (c.1910s-1930s) * Letter from Mary McGeachy to Violet McNaughton (1931) *"Goodwill" [Illustration] (1937) * Dorothy Heneker, "What Women's Organizations Are Sponsoring Today in Geneva" (1939) * Cairine Wilson, "Message for the Newsletter of the Canadian Federation of Business and Professional Women's Clubs" (1938) III Suffrage * Introduction * Hantsport Women's Christian Temperance Union, "Petition for Enfranchisement of Women" (1878) * Mary McDonnell, "A Century of Progress for Women "(1893) * Emily Cummings, Further Discussion on A Century of Progress (1893) * Margaret Benedictsson, "Women's Rights, " and "Women's Equal Rights" (1898) * Flora MacDonald Denison, Report on Attendance at the International Woman Suffrage Alliance Conference (1906) * Lena Mortimer, "One Woman's Way of Thinking" (1911) * Sonya Leathes, What Equal Suffrage Has Accomplished (1911 or 1912) * Victoria Political Equality League, "The Study Club" (1912) * Florence Trenholme Cole, "Concerning Suffrage" (1913) * Marion Francis Beynon, "Foreign Woman's Franchise" (1916) * Nellie McClung, "Mrs. McClung's Reply" (1917) * Jus Suffragii Editorial, International Response to Women Gaining Federal Franchise (1917) * Constance Hamilton, Letter to the Editor of Jus Suffragii (1918) * Harriet Prenter, "The Failure of the Suffrage Movement to Bring Freedom to Woman" (1928) * Idola Saint-Jean, Radio Address on Granting Women the Vote in Quebec (1931) IV Citizenship * Introduction * Nahnebahwequa - Catherine Sutton, Speech to the Aborigines' Protection Society of London (1860) *(Mrs. Dr.) Annie Parker, "Women in Nation Building" (1890) * Methodist Women's Missionary Society, Work Among Chinese Women (1892-1893) * Chinese Empire Ladies' Reform Association, Victoria [Illustration] (1903) * Emily Murphy aka Janey Canuck, from Open Trails (1912) * Georgina Binnie-Clark, from Wheat and Women (1914) * Marion Francis Beynon, "The Foreigner" (1914) * Lily B. Levetus, "The Local Council of Jewish Women" (1915) * Mrs. Donald Shaw, "Congress of Coloured Women" (1920) * Anonymous, "The Pays Des Iroquois - The Six Nations of Grand River" (1923) * Sarah Robertson Matheson, "An Appeal to 'Women of the World'" (1925) * Letter From Emily General to Rica Flemyng Gyll, British and Foreign Anti-Slavery Society and Aborigines Protection Society (1925) * Henrietta Muir Edwards, Nellie McClung, Louise McKinney, Emily Murphy, and Irene Parlby, Petition to the Governor General of Canada Regarding Women as Persons (1927) * Henrietta Muir Edwards, Nellie McClung, Louise McKinney, Emily Murphy, and Irene Parlby, Request to Appeal Supreme Court of Canada Decision to British Privy Council (1928) * Agnes MacPhail, Speech in the House of Commons on the Naturalization of Married Women (1927) *"Ship of State" [Illustration] (1928) * Therese Casgrain, "Woman's Place in a Democracy" (1941) V Moral Reform, Sexuality and Birth Control * Introduction * Women's Christian Association of the City of Halifax, Sixth Annual Report (1880) * Letter from Emma Crosby to Mrs. H.M. Leland, Secretary of the Hamilton, Women's Missionary Society (1881) * Lady Julia Drummond, Age of Consent (1896) * Jessie C. Smith, WCTU Superintendent, "Social Purity" (1898) * Dora Foster (Kerr), from Sex Radicalism (1905) * Anonymous, "The White Slave Trade in Montreal" (1913) * Beatrice Brigden, "One Woman's Campaign for Social Purity and Social Reform" (1913-1917) * Una Saunders, from The Work of the Young Women's Christian Association in Canada (1918) * Florence Rowe, "Better and Fewer Babies" (1924) * Helen MacMurchy, "What Are We Going to Tell the Young People?" (1934) * Winnifred Kydd, President NCWC, Statement on Birth Control (l934) VI Women's Work and Economic Status * Introduction * Jessie McVicar, "Organization our Only Hope" and "Organization for Girls" (1883) * Jean Thomson Scott, from The conditions of female labour in Ontario 1892 (1892) * National Council of Women of Canada, Debate Over Protective Legislation (1895) * Amelia Paget, "Report on Mrs. Paget's Trip to Indian Reserves in Saskatchewan" (1912) * Helena Gutteridge, "Women Organize an Employment League" (1913) * Civic Committee of the University Women's Club of Winnipeg, The Work of Women and Girls in the Department Stores in Winnipeg (1914) * Anonymous, "Orientals in Hotels Displace White Labor" (1915) *Eva Circe-Cote, "Equal Pay-Equal Work" (1917) * Kathleen Derry, Treatment of Women Emigrants (1920) * Irene Parlby, "Married Women's Economic Status" (1925) * Annie Buller, "The Need for Mass Work Among Women" (1935) * Canadian Federation of University Women, "Report of Committee on the Legal and Economic Status of University Women" (1936) VII Peace * Introduction * Margaret McKay, "Report of Provincial Superintendent on Peace and Arbitration" (1896) * Ontario Women's Christian Temperance Union, Resolution on the Boer War (1899) * National Council of Women of Canada, "Resolution as to the Standing Committee to Make Arrangements for the Campaign Contingent to the Transvaal" (1899) * M. Gomar White, "Peace and Arbitration" (1907) * Flora Macdonald Denison, War and Women (1914) * Letter to Jane Adams Regarding Canadian Participation in Women's Peace Conference (1915) * Julia Grace Wales, Untitled Paper on Her Involvement in Women's Peace Conference at the Hague (1915) * Gertrude Richardson, "The Cruelty of Conscription: A Letter to Women" (1917) * Rose Henderson, from Woman and War (192_) * Hilda Laird, "League of Nations" (1932) * Laura Jamieson, "Reply to Questionnaire re Techniques of Developing Public Opinion on Peace (1937) *"The Hand that Rocks the Cradle..." [Illustration] (1937)

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Together with its first volume, Documenting First Wave Feminisms reveals a more nuanced picture, attentive to nationalism and transnationalism, of the first wave than has previously been understood.

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