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Nelles Maps: Indonesia Bali Lombok 1:180 000 English, French, German 29.03.2014 Paperback / Softback Sold out
Freytag Berndt Atlanten: Freytag & Berndt Atlas Großer Auto- + Freizeitatlas Österreich. Great road + leisure atlas Austria. Grande atlante stradale + turistico Austria English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Dutch; Flemish, Russian, Polish, Czech, Slovak 01.06.2013 Hardback Sold out
Autoatlas Europa Ausgabe 2018/2019 German, Italian, French, English 28.06.2017 Paperback / Softback Sold out
Michelin Straßen- und Reiseatlas: Michelin Straßen- und Reiseatlas Frankreich Dutch; Flemish, English, French, German 11.01.2014 Paperback / Softback Sold out
Grosser Reiseatlas Österreich, Europa German, English, French, Dutch; Flemish 12.04.2011 Paperback / Softback Sold out
Freytag Berndt Stadtplan: Freytag & Berndt Stadtplan Zagreb. Zagabria German, Serbian, English, French, Dutch; Flemish 14.12.2007 Paperback / Softback Sold out
Die Geschichte der Kartographie English, German, Dutch; Flemish 01.09.2014 Hardback Sold out
Freytag Berndt Atlanten: Freytag & Berndt Atlas Österreich, Top 100 Tips. Austria. Autriche German, Italian, English, French 01.01.2010 Paperback / Softback Sold out
Comfort! map: CANARY ISLAND 1/150.000 French, Spanish, English, German, Polish 26.01.2012 Paperback / Softback Sold out
Navigator Europe French, German, English 26.02.2010 Paperback / Softback Sold out
Nelles Maps: India West 1: 1 500 000 English, French, German 01.05.2013 Paperback / Softback Sold out
Kompass Stadtpläne: Kompass Stadtplan Großraum Wien Italian, Spanish, German, Hungarian, French, English 02.02.2010 Paperback / Softback Sold out
The World Travel Atlas German 24.08.2017 Hardback Sold out
World Mapping Project: Reise Know-How Landkarte Alpen / Alps / Alpes German, Russian, English, French, Spanish 23.08.2013 Sheet map Sold out
Travelmag Cityplan: Travelmag Cityplan Rom. Roma. Rome English, Italian, German 01.12.2012 Sheet map Sold out