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The Relive Box: and Other Stories

T. C. Boyle

English; Hardback
Publisher Bloomsbury Uk
Languages English
Product format Hardback
Released 31.10.2017
EAN 9781408890134
ISBN 978-1-4088-9013-4
No. of pages 252
Dimensions 161 mm x 241 mm x 27 mm
Evaluation No review available

Zusatztext Boyle's brand of futuristic fiction is so uncomfortably close to reality that the stories pack a prophetic punch . If these circumstances are not happening now, the reader feels, they are coming, and ominously soon . So vivid that I had to get up and walk around the room afterwards to shake it off Informationen zum Autor T. C. Boyle is the New York Times bestselling author of sixteen novels including The Tortilla Curtain , Drop City , San Miguel and The Terranauts , and ten collections of stories, most recently T. C. Boyle Stories II . His work has been translated into twenty-five languages and has won both the PEN/Malamud and Rea Awards in recognition of his short fiction. He is a member of the Academy of Arts and Letters and lives in California. Klappentext A comic, surreal and satirical new collection of stories, Boyle focuses on humanity's relationship with nature and the consequences of our efforts to control it. Vorwort An exuberant new collection from the master storyteller - comic, surreal, satirical and razor-sharp Zusammenfassung BY THE WINNER OF THE JONATHAN SWIFT PRIZE 2017 A dynamic new collection from one of our most original storytellers: satirical, surreal and very much of the moment. In these stories, T. C. Boyle focuses hisunerring eye on humanity's relationship with nature, and the unintended consequences of our efforts to control it. The prize-winning 'Are We Not Men?' reflects on the impact of new gene-editing technologies while 'The Relive Box' parodies our obsession with electronic games.In 'She's the Bomb', a young woman waits on her graduation day, heart in mouth, for an explosive event. A burrito-seller has a killer business idea in 'The Five-Pound Burrito', but learns that success comes at a price. An Italian couple moves south for a fresh start in 'The Argentine Ant', but finds that paradise holds a nasty sting. And in the chilling 'The Designee', a lonely widower can't believe his luck when he receives a mysterious letter from England.In electric prose T. C. Boyle explores myriad facets of society: greed and excess, parenthood and responsibility, the digital world and the way we understand our mortality. Roaming unrestrainedly throughthe present and near future, he inhabits his characters' minds with a ventriloquist's flair, skewering human motivations and revealing us to ourselves with empathy and wry humour. ...

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