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California Groove Vol. IV

(Limited Edition, 6 CDs)

Genre Pop, Rock
Inhalt 6 CDs
Erschienen 22.06.2018
Edition Limited Edition
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Tracks - Disc 1 (CD)

play 1.San Francisco Street 4:25
play 2.Ride Like The Wind (Joey Negro Extended Disco Mix) 7:51
play 3.Swallow The Horizon 4:22
play 4.Out On The Street (Interlude) 0:28
play 5.Everytime I'm In Love (Spring Version) 3:30
play 6.Air Cushion 4:19
play 7.House On The Rock 3:24
play 8.Love One Another 4:50
play 9.Lotta Love (Joey Negro Yacht Disco Mix) 6:35
play 10.What Do Ya Really Want ? 4:51
play 11.Jealousy (Geyster Remix) 4:21
play 12.Girls Know How 3:24
play 13.As Long As I've Got Your Love 4:11
play 14.Back To The Motel (Interlude) 0:31
play 15.Miami Nights 3:35
play 16.Tropical Nights 4:29
play 17.Let's Go It's Over 4:36
play 18.You Win I Lose 3:55
play 19.Carmel 3:46

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Tracks - Disc 2 (CD)

play 1.Class Of '96 3:39
play 2.Jackie Blue 4:06
play 3.Leave Me Alone Tonight 4:05
play 4.Monkey On My Back (The Last Run) 4:02
play 5.Mary Ann (Rare 7Inch Track) 2:49
play 6.Theme From Hill Street Blues 3:08
play 7.Let It Shine 3:54
play 8.In The Mood 4:05
play 9.Sexy Boy 4:28
play 10.Little Darlin' (Geyster California Groove Remix) 6:13
play 11.Southbound 0:34
play 12.The Best In Me 4:48
play 13.Touch 3:12
play 14.Never Gonna Stop Lovin' You 3:28
play 15.Cloud Shepherd 3:36
play 16.Shining Light (Interlude) 0:26
play 17.Hold My Love 4:56
play 18.It's Already Dark In New York 5:44
play 19.Home Free (Rare Demo) 2:53
play 20.Woman's Gotta Have It 4:11
play 21.Slipaway 3:41

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Tracks - Disc 3 (CD)

play 1.You Can Feel It 2:54
play 2.Go Back 3:16
play 3.The Wrong Way 4:57
play 4.Runnin' & Hidin' 3:40
play 5.I'm Seventeen 4:06
play 6.Callin' For Your Love 4:27
play 7.To See One Eagle Fly 5:08
play 8.Something In The Dark 4:17
play 9.Heart Hotels 3:58
play 10.Love's Awake Inside 4:27
play 11.Sleepin' 6:12
play 12.Testify 4:23
play 13.Clouds Across The Sun 4:35
play 14.The Colonel 3:37
play 15.This Summer Love 4:07
play 16.Both Sides 4:52
play 17.Goodbye Song 8:18

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Tracks - Disc 4 (CD)

play 1.Take Me As I Am 3:48
play 2.You Remind Me Of The Sun 2:43
play 3.Let Love Find You 6:18
play 4.Miami 5:29
play 5.Sugar Baby 5:32
play 6.O-o-h Child 2:54
play 7.Fallen 3:35
play 8.Clear Sailin' 4:30
play 9.High Tide 3:47
play 10.Kona Winds 3:29
play 11.Savannah Sunny Sunday 5:39
play 12.All For You 3:50
play 13.Do You Believe 3:56
play 14.Last Day At Home / Mélancolie 6:46
play 15.I'm Not In Love 4:45
play 16.In Real Life 3:56
play 17.The Week End (Rare Demo) 3:36
play 18.Sugar Baby (San Diego Dawn Reprise) 1:53
play 19.Scared Money 2:58

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Tracks - Disc 5 (CD)

play 1.Walking The Clouds 1:53
play 2.Los Angeles 6:08
play 3.Heading Downtown (Interlude) 0:38
play 4.We The People 3:36
play 5.On Death's Door 2:01
play 6.Stay The Night 4:18
play 7.Touch Down Easy 4:07
play 8.Suzi Found A Weapon 3:07
play 9.A Stranger On The Road (Interlude) 0:38
play 10.Waiting For A Girl Like You 4:31
play 11.Living With Myself 6:40
play 12.Sorrows (Interlude) 0:26
play 13.California 4:10
play 14.Following The Sun 4:25
play 15.Sunburnt Through The Glass 3:51
play 16.Californian Light 4:10
play 17.It's Automatic 4:03
play 18.Definitive Breaks 1:39
play 19.A Love Like This 4:38
play 20.Bubble Shuffle 4:28
play 21.That's When Something Special Starts (Rare Demo) 3:43
play 22.When The Magic Works 3:00
play 23.Pacific Palisades 3:17

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Tracks - Disc 6 (CD)

play 1.Marilyn Dean & James Monroe 4:13
play 2.You And Me And Jimmie Dean 3:24
play 3.Being Alone Together 5:26
play 4.Rain Soaked Cloud (Previously Unreleased Remix 2018) 3:20
play 5.Pacific Coast Highway 3:17
play 6.Driving 4:23
play 7.Another Love 2:58
play 8.Forever In Between 4:04
play 9.Pixeleen 3:56
play 10.You Made Me Feel Love 3:43
play 11.Ocean Avenue (Interlude) 0:38
play 12.Slippin' Away 5:25
play 13.Run Right In To You 4:55
play 14.Walkin' On Air 4:35
play 15.Suspicions 4:17
play 16.Living Under The Gun 3:37
play 17.Hernando's Paradise 4:39
play 18.See You Tonight 3:29
play 19.Last Train Home 5:29

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