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Cock Sparrer

The Albums 1978-1987 (Clamshell Boxset, 4 CDs)

Interpreten Cock Sparrer
Genre Independent, Punk
Inhalt 4 CDs
Erschienen 29.06.2018
Edition Clamshell Boxset
Kundenbewertung Keine Rezension vorhanden

Tracks - Disc 1 (CD)

play 1.We Love You 3:54
play 2.Sister Suzie 3:39
play 3.Platinum Blonde 3:09
play 4.Taken For A Ride 2:03
play 5.Again And AgAin 2:41
play 6.Runnin´riot 3:11
play 7.Chip On My Shoulder 2:04
play 8.Watcha Gonna Do About It 3:07
play 9.Teenage Heart 2:22
play 10.I Need A Witness 3:41
play 11.Sunday Stripper 3:39
play 12.Trouble On Terraces 4:10
play 13.Whats It Like To Be Old 3:16
play 14.Run For Cover 3:15
play 15.What´s Like To Be Old (Version 2) 3:16

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Tracks - Disc 2 (CD)

play 1.Where Are They Now? 2:57
play 2.Riot Squad 2:47
play 3.Working 2:47
play 4.Take 'Em All 2:35
play 5.We're Coming Back 3:22
play 6.Watch Your Back 2:20
play 7.I Got Your Number 2:48
play 8.Secret Army 1:57
play 9.Droogs Don't Run 2:55
play 10.Out On An Island 4:40
play 11.England Belongs To Me 3:03
play 12.Argy Bargy 2:36
play 13.Colonel Bogey 2:53

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Tracks - Disc 3 (CD)

play 1.Run With The Blind 3:22
play 2.Is Anybody There? 4:00
play 3.Price Too High To Pay 2:58
play 4.Think Again 3:47
play 5.Don't Say A Word 2:51
play 6.The Sun Says 3:25
play 7.They Mean Murder 2:35
play 8.Closedown 2:59
play 9.Chip On My Shoulder (Live) 1:57
play 10.Runnin' Riot (Live) 3:18

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Tracks - Disc 4 (CD)

play 1.Riot Squad (Live) 3:08
play 2.Watch Your Back (Live) 2:12
play 3.I Got Your Number (Live) 2:44
play 4.Take 'Em All (Live) 2:25
play 5.We Love You (Live) 3:28
play 6.Working (Live) 3:24
play 7.Argy Bargy (Live) 2:24
play 8.Where Are They Now? (Live) 3:53
play 9.White Riot (Live) 1:51
play 10.Runnin' Riot (Live) 2:59
play 11.The Sun Says (Live) 3:10
play 12.Secret Army (Live) 1:57
play 13.England Belongs To Me (Live) 4:46
play 14.Chip On My Shoulder (Live) 1:58

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