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Adam Faith

Three Classic Albums: Plus Singles (4 CDs)

Interpreten Adam Faith
Genre Pop, Rock
Inhalt 4 CDs
Erschienen 31.05.2018
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Tracks - Disc 1 (CD)

play 1.Main Title ("Beat Girl") 1:48
play 2.The Off Beat ("Beat Girl") 1:34
play 3.I Did What You Told Me ("Beat Girl") 1:56
play 4.Lindon Home Rock ("Beat Girl") 2:00
play 5.Time Out ("Beat Girl") 2:51
play 6.The Sharks ("Beat Girl") 2:16
play 7.The Beat Girl Song ("Beat Girl") 1:38
play 8.The City 2000 Ad ("Beat Girl") 2:24
play 9.The Stripper ("Beat Girl") 2:45
play 10.The Cave / Beat Girl / Kids Stuff ("Beat Girl") 2:34
play 11.Made You ("Beat Girl") 1:44
play 12.Car Chase / Night Chase ("Beat Girl") 2:38
play 13.Chicken ("Beat Girl") 1:21
play 14.Blues For Beatniks ("Beat Girl") 2:11
play 15.It's Legal ("Beat Girl") 1:45
play 16.The Immediate Pleasure ("Beat Girl") 3:38
play 17.Blondie's Strip ("Beat Girl") 2:04
play 18.End Shot / Slaughter In Soho / Beat Girl ("Beat Girl") 2:50
play 19.Wonderful Time 2:28
play 20.Diamond Ring 2:39
play 21.Summertime 2:37
play 22.Greenfinger 2:03
play 23.Piper Of Love 2:56
play 24.A Girl Like You 1:48

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Tracks - Disc 2 (CD)

play 1.Turn Me Loose 3:03
play 2.So Many Ways 2:12
play 3.Singing In The Rain 2:03
play 4.Fare Thee Well My Pretty Maid 2:12
play 5.I'm A Man 1:56
play 6.Hit The Road To Dreamland 2:03
play 7.Watch Your Step 2:32
play 8.I've Just Fallen For Someone 2:34
play 9.I'm Coming Home 2:21
play 10.All These Things 2:23
play 11.It's All Over Now 2:12
play 12.Come To Me 3:14
play 13.If I Had A Hammer (If I Had A Dollar) 2:14
play 14.A Help-Each-Other Romance 2:45
play 15.Sho' Know A Lot About Love 2:33
play 16.Second Time 1:58
play 17.I'm Gonna Love You Too 1:58
play 18.Little Yellow Roses 3:35
play 19.As Long As You Keep Loving Me 2:04
play 20.You And Me And The Gang 2:56

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Tracks - Disc 3 (CD)

play 1.(Got A) Heartsick Feeling 2:08
play 2.Brother Heartache And Sister Tears 2:14
play 3.High School Confidential 2:22
play 4.Country Music Holiday 2:10
play 5.Ah! Poor Little Baby 2:07
play 6.Runk Bunk 2:02
play 7.What Do You Want 1:38
play 8.From Now Until Forever 1:57
play 9.Poor Me 1:47
play 10.The Reason 1:39
play 11.Someone Else's Baby 2:04
play 12.Big Time 2:10
play 13.When Johnny Comes Marching Home 2:02
play 14.How About That 1:54
play 15.With Open Arms 1:42
play 16.Say Mama 1:11
play 17.C'mon Everybody 1:39
play 18.Believe What You Say 1:53

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Tracks - Disc 4 (CD)

play 1.Lonely Pup (In A Christmas Shop) 1:48
play 2.Who Am I? 1:57
play 3.This Is It 1:47
play 4.Easy Going Me 1:54
play 5.Wondering 1:48
play 6.Don't You Know It 2:07
play 7.My Last Wish 2:08
play 8.The Time Has Come 2:12
play 9.Lonesome 2:45
play 10.As You Like It 2:04
play 11.Face To Face 2:16
play 12.Don't That Beat All 2:11
play 13.Mix Me A Person 2:21
play 14.Baby Take A Bow 2:00
play 15.(I'm) Knocking On Wood 2:02
play 16.Carve Up 1:51

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