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Distant Memories - Live in London (Limited Edition, 4 LPs + 3 CDs)

Vinyl + Audio-CD

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Distant Memories – Live in London brings together selections from 2019’s Distance Over Time, in concert with the full and complete performance of 1999’s Metropolis Pt. 2: Scenes from a Memory, in what was one of the most anticipated and historic evenings in Dream Theater history, ultimately becoming this instant classic. The entirety of the band’s The Distance Over Time Tour: Celebrating 20 Years of Scenes From a Memory is a testament to their fans’ long-term appreciation and love for the band as the members themselves recount, expressing that the “tour has been really incredible for all of us in so many ways. We have been supporting our latest work which has been embraced by DT fans all around the world in a way that we are incredibly grateful for, and the two nights we recorded and filmed in London were definitely amongst the best shows of the tour.” Petrucci continues, “Whether you had a chance to see this tour in person and want to relive what was hopefully an awesome concert experience, or are enjoying the performance on video for the first time, Distant Memories very accurately and very beautifully captures the energy and excitement we all felt together at the Apollo this past February.” He progresses, highlighting the “incredible touring and production crew, along with our amazing film crew, all of whom have really delivered the goods and made it possible for us to be presented in our best light. We are beyond proud to offer this release with brilliant sound, visuals and artistic presentation, thanks to our talented mix engineer, director, visual artist and art director who we all value beyond words.” The momentous performance Distant Memories – Live In London is available as a Limited Deluxe 3CD/2Blu-Ray/2DVD 44-page artbook, Limited Edition 4LP + 3CD Boxset, Special Edition 3CD+2Blu-ray Digipak, 3CD+2DVD Mulitbox & as a Digital Audio Album.


Interpreten Dream Theater
Genre Hardrock, Metal
Inhalt 4 LPs + 3 CDs
Erscheinungsdatum 27.11.2020
Edition Limited Edition




  • Kaufen

    Am 28. November 2020 von Stefan.S geschrieben.
    Diese Kundenrezension bezieht sich auf eine alternative Version.

    Portnoy ist ohne Frage ein genialer Drummer. Leider hat er vor zehn Jahren seine Prioritäten anders gesetzt. Deshalb nun einfach alles schlecht machen ? Ohne mich!
    Es soll auch Deep Purple Fans geben, die immer noch Richie Blackmore nachtrauern...
    DT ist immer noch eine geniale (Live-) Band. Bedenkenlos kaufen!

  • Braucht niemand

    Am 24. November 2020 von Beat geschrieben.
    Diese Kundenrezension bezieht sich auf eine alternative Version.

    Habe sie auf der Tour zweimal gesehen. Ist schon traurig wie ein Drummer so ein Meisterwerk verhunzen kann in dem er einfach irgendwas dazu spielt. Aber das ist meine Meinung, da gibt's sicher auch andere die das super finden. Dream Theater ohne Portnoy, da fehlt einfach was, was sehr grosses…..

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