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CHF 23.90
Lieferfrist1 Woche
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Hot Parade Dance Winter 2018

(2 CDs)

Genre Disco, Funk, R&B
Inhalt 2 CDs
Erschienen 19.01.2018
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Tracks - Disc 1 (CD)

play 1.Katchi (Ofenbach Vs. Nick Waterhouse) 2:29
play 2.Bambola 3:26
play 3.Crazy 2:29
play 4.Never Give Up On Love 2:41
play 5.Big Jet Plane 2:55
play 6.Demons Out 3:10
play 7.Til The Sun Rise Up 3:03
play 8.Does It Matter 3:22
play 9.Kids In Love 3:18
play 10.All Stars 2:43
play 11.Instruction 2:43
play 12.Fasta 2:27
play 13.Viento 3:41
play 14.Time Again 3:25
play 15.Complicated 2:59
play 16.The Spectre 3:04
play 17.All My Love 3:08
play 18.Tell Me You Love Me 3:09
play 19.2U (Tujamo Remix) 3:34
play 20.Momentum 2:48
play 21.How Deep Is Your Love 2:48
play 22.Make Your Mind Up 3:45

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Tracks - Disc 2 (CD)

play 1.Nevermind 2:34
play 2.Una Mattina 3:20
play 3.Only 4:15
play 4.Oxygen 3:29
play 5.Reasons To Love You 3:00
play 6.I Believe I'm Fine 3:41
play 7.Take Her Place 3:27
play 8.Wait 2:40
play 9.Nana Song 3:12
play 10.My Faults 2:39
play 11.More Than Friends 2:17
play 12.More Mess
Kungs feat. Olly Murs feat. Coely
play 13.Deep Sea (Spada Edit) 3:02
play 14.Waiting For The Summer 2:45
play 15.Breathe 2:58
play 16.Tell Me Who (Slider & Magnit Remix) 3:03
play 17.Never Too Late 2:50
play 18.Ain't No Sunshine 2:34
play 19.Burden Down 3:08
play 20.Jealousy 3:11
play 21.La Cancion 2:51
play 22.Runnin 3:22
play 23.The Road 3:07

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