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To The Outside Of Everything ~ A Story Of Uk Post-Punk 1977-1981

(5 CDs)

Inhalt 5 CDs
Erschienen 08.12.2017
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Tracks - Disc 1 (CD)

1.Young Savage - Ultravox!
2.Shot By The Sides - Magazine
3.I Am The Fly - Wire
4.East Sheen - O Level
5.United - Throbbing Gristle
6.T.V.O.D. - The Normal
7.Puppet Life - Punishment Of Luxury
8.Bombers - Tubeway Army
9.Repetition - The Fall
10.Private Plane - Thomas Leer
11.China's Eternal - The Tights
12.Wax Dolls - Fischer- Z
13.Skank Bloc Bologna - Scritti Politti
14.Damaged Goods - Gang Of Four
15.Summertime Blues - The Flying Lizard
16.Suicide A Go Go - Big In Japan
17.Steady Eddy Steady - Fashion
18.Hearts In Exile - The Homosexuals
19.This Is Your Life - Glaxo Babies
20.Sleeping Gas - The Teardrop Explodes
21.Neeldes And Pills - The Passions
22.Fairytale In The Supermarket - The Raincoats

Tracks - Disc 2 (CD)

1.The Dignity Of Labour Pt. 1 - Human League
2.Lost In Room - Alternative T.V
3.The Pictures On My Wall - Echo And The Bunnymen
4.Death Disco - PiL
5.Eine Symphonie Des Grauens - The Monochrome Set
6.Courts Or Wars - Second Layer
7.Ideologically Unsond - Poison Girls
8.Typical Girls - The Slits
9.Soldier Soldier - Spizzenergi
10.You - Au Pairs
11.Transmission - Joy Divison
12.Back To Nature - Fad Gadget
13.16 Hours - The Passage
14.We Are Alle Prostitutes - The Pop Group
15.Spirit Of Youth - The Last Gang
16.This Week - The Adicts
17.Turn To Red - Killing Joke
18.Second Still - Modern Eon
19.We Love You - The Psychedelic Furs
20.White Mice - Mo-Dettes
21.Emile Zola - The Deep Freeze Mice
22.From The Cradle To The Grave - Crispy Ambulance
23.Sketch For Summer - The Durutti Column

Tracks - Disc 3 (CD)

1.Let's Build A Car - Swell Maps
2.Warm - Family Fodder
3.Cartouble - Adam And The Ants
4.Brigade - Clock DVA
5.Warm Girls - Girls At Our Best!
6.Ice Age - The Membranes
7.Boots For Dancing - Boots For Dancing
8.Lullaby Cheat - Ludus
9.Swans On Glass - Modern English
10.Squares And Triangles - Thompson Twins
11.Mary Millington - The Disco Zombies
12.Fire - Occult Chemistry
13.Final Achievement - In Camera
14.Girls Don't Count - Section 25
15.Hard Objects - Art Objects
16.Radio Drill Time - Josef K
17.Controversial Subject - The The
18.My Mother Was A Friend Of An Enemy Of The People - Blurt
19.The Affectionate Punch - The Associates
20.There Goes Concorde Again - ...And The Native Hipsters

Tracks - Disc 4 (CD)

1.The Friend Catcher - The Birthday Party
2.Precinct - The Cravats
3.It's So Difficult - Dislocation Dances
4.Do Different Dances - Spöön Fazer
5.B. - Colin Newman
6.Disney Boys - Blue Orchids
7.Cabbage - Mass
8.Get Up And Use Me - Fire Engines
9.Anonymity - Dance Chapter
10.Overspreading Art Genius - Blancmange
11.We Are All Animals - The Diagram Bros.
12.A Still Reflex - Repetition
13.Ceremony - New Order
14.Hungry, So Angry - Medium Medium
15.50 Years Of Comparative Wealth - Steve Diggle
16.Another Reason - Five Or Six
17.Clock - The Danse Society
18.Sometimes I Wish - The Laughing Apple
19.Raindance - The Past Seven Days
20.Invisibility - Eyeless in Gaza
21.Idiot Strenght - The Nightingales
22.Nothing - My Captains

Tracks - Disc 5 (CD)

1.Rebel Without A Brain - Theatre Of Hate
2.I Am The Bishop - Notsensibles
3.Central Proposition - New Asia
4.Life In Reverse - Marine
5.Watching The Hydroplanes - Tunnel Vision
6.Fading - Jah Wobble
7.Snakes And Ladders - TV21
8.Happy Feeling - The Sinatra's
9.Tribes - Soul
10.Storage Case - The Drowning Craze
11.Imagination - Sad Lovers And Giants
12.HU - Dif Juz
13.Animals - Spider King
14.Vegas - Nico
15.I Don't Want To Live With Monkeys - The Higsongs
16.I'd Like To Shoot You Down - APB
17.Nothing - René Halkett David Jay
18.Stretch - Maximum Jox
19.Afterwards - Artery
20.Last Words - 23 Skidoo
21.Everybody Thinks Everybody Else Is Dead Bad - The Skodas
22.Heart Disease - Biting Tongues
23.Countries - The Reflections
24.Radio Prague - This Heat


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