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CHF 23.90
Lieferfrist3 Wochen
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Hit Mania 2017

(2 CDs)

Genre Eurodance
Inhalt 2 CDs
Erschienen 09.12.2016
Kundenbewertung Keine Rezension vorhanden

Tracks - Disc 1 (CD)

play 1.Tuesday 3:53
play 2.Kiss The Sky 3:48
play 3.I Feel So Bad 3:32
play 4.Good Grief 3:20
play 5.High 2:32
play 6.Somewhere New 3:26
play 7.Non Stop 3:40
play 8.Love On Me 3:21
play 9.Burning 2:41
play 10.Run Run Run 3:08
play 11.La Musica 3:36
play 12.A New Day 3:15
play 13.Running Away 3:21
play 14.I Wanna Know Your Name 2:19
play 15.Starship Troopers (Radio Edit) 2:32
play 16.Come With Me 3:17
play 17.Go Off 2:20
play 18.Blanc Ou Noir 3:32
play 19.Teresa (Bonustrack) 3:33
play 20.Other People (Bonustrack) 3:58
play 21.Human (Bonustrack) 3:14
play 22.Completamente (Bonustrack) 3:29
play 23.Parigi (Bonustrack) 3:03
play 24.Silver Lining (Clap Your Hand) (Bonustrack) 2:55

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Tracks - Disc 2 (CD)

play 1.Rock In The Night 3:16
play 2.Ma Baby 3:33
play 3.So Sexy 2:17
play 4.Into My Heart 2:50
play 5.Universo (Pryecto Fm Rmx)
Ticli, Gas feat. Felipe Romero feat. Be1 feat. Ray Isaac
play 6.La La La La (Flamenco Rmx Loving Time) 3:15
play 7.Me Motiva 3:23
play 8.The Apocalypse 3:30
play 9.I Can Fight 3:09
play 10.All House 3:08
play 11.One Time 2:53
play 12.Bucovina 2:15
play 13.Tromba 3:05
play 14.Loaded Gun 3:22
play 15.Touch The Sky 3:12
play 16.Gravity 3:05
play 17.I Don't Wanna Be In Love 3:09
play 18.To Desire 3:21
play 19.2Gether 3:35
play 20.Turn Around 3:58
play 21.Where Are You Going 3:54
play 22.I Believe In Your Eyes 3:08
play 23.Open Your Mind 3:24
play 24.Fly Emotion 3:28

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