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NEU Audio-CD

Eurovision Song Contest

Kiew 2017 - Sampler (2CD)

Stil Pop / Rock
Erschienen 28.04.2017
Inhalt 2 CD
Kundenbewertung Keine Rezension vorhanden

Tracks - Disc 1 (CD)

play 1.World (Albania) 2:57
play 2.Fly With Me (Armenia) 3:00
play 3.Don't Come Easy (Australia) 3:05
play 4.Running On Air (Austria) 2:48
play 5.Skeletons (Azerbaijan) 2:59
play 6.City Lights (Belgium) 2:55
play 7.Beautiful Mess (Bulgaria) 3:02
play 8.Story Of My Life (Belarus) 3:01
play 9.Apollo (Switzerland) 3:00
play 10.Gravity (Cyprus) 3:01
play 11.My Turn (Czech Republic) 2:59
play 12.Perfect Life (Germany) 3:01
play 13.Where I Am (Denmark) 3:00
play 14.Do It For Your Lover (Spain) 3:02
play 15.Verona (Estonia) 3:04
play 16.Blackbird (Finland) 3:07
play 17.Requiem (France) 3:01
play 18.Never Give Up On You (United Kingdom) 3:01
play 19.Keep The Faith (Georgia) 2:59
play 20.This Is Love (Greece) 3:02
play 21.My Friend (Croatia) 3:01
play 22.Origo (Hungary) 3:03

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Tracks - Disc 2 (CD)

play 1.Dying To Try (Ireland) 3:00
play 2.Paper (Iceland) 3:00
play 3.I Feel Alive (Israel) 3:01
play 4.Occidentali's Karma (Eurovision Version) (Italy) 3:05
play 5.Rain Of Revolution (Lithuania) 3:07
play 6.Line (Latvia) 3:09
play 7.Hey Mamma (Moldova) 3:01
play 8.Dance Alone (F.Y.F. Macedonia) 3:07
play 9.Breathlessly (Malta) 3:01
play 10.Space (Montenegro) 3:01
play 11.Lights And Shadows (The Netherlands) 3:01
play 12.Grab The Moment (Norway) 2:56
play 13.Flashlight (Poland) 3:01
play 14.Amar Pelos Dois (Portugal) 3:02
play 15.Yodel It! (Romania) 2:57
play 16.Flame Is Burning (Russia) 3:02
play 17.Spirit Of The Night (San Marino) 3:06
play 18.In Too Deep (Serbia) 3:07
play 19.On My Way (Slovenia) 3:02
play 20.I Can't Go On (Sweden) 3:04
play 21.Time (Ukraine) 3:05

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