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Selection (Deluxe Edition, 2 CDs)

Interpreten Gentleman
Genre Reggae
Inhalt 2 CDs
Erschienen 16.06.2017
Edition Deluxe Edition
Kundenbewertung Keine Rezension vorhanden

Tracks - Disc 1 (CD)

play 1.Superior 3:51
play 2.Dem Gone 4:00
play 3.Imperfection 3:07
play 4.Intoxication 3:30
play 5.Ovaload
feat. Sean Paul
play 6.It No Pretty 3:09
play 7.To The Top 3:10
play 8.Warm Dem
feat. Shaggy
play 9.Leave Us Alone 3:24
play 10.In My Arms 3:21
play 11.Runaway 3:37
play 12.Serenity 4:09
play 13.Memories 4:19
play 14.Changes 3:23
play 15.Heart Of Rub - A 3:10
play 16.Mama 3:36
play 17.You Remember 4:08
play 18.Another Melody 4:02
play 19.On We Go (Original Mix) 3:53
play 20.Red Town 3:36
play 21.Different Places 3:56
play 22.Send A Prayer 3:51

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Tracks - Disc 2 (CD)

play 1.Journey To Jah
feat. Alborosie
play 2.Rainy Days (Original Version)
feat. Martin Jondo feat. Tamika
play 3.Jah Jah Never Fail 3:20
play 4.Children Of Tomorrow 4:43
play 5.Along The Way
feat. Patrice
play 6.Dunns River Falls
feat. Clay
play 7.Caan Hold Us Down 3:25
play 8.Warrior 4:14
play 9.Still Around
feat. Beenie Man
play 10.Simmer Down (Control Your Temper) 2:39
play 11.Roots To Grow 3:25
play 12.Tabula Rasa (Radio Edit) 3:58
play 13.Why Cry
feat. Afu-Ra
play 14.Isyankar 3:52
play 15.Zeit Zu Verstehen (This Can't Be Everything)
feat. Azad
play 16.Nothing Ever Changes 4:05
play 17.Widerstand
feat. Curse
play 18.Tomorrow 3:53
play 19.Ahnma 4:14
play 20.In The Streets 3:34
play 21.You Can't Run Away 3:59

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