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CH Audio-CD


Endless Crawl

Interpreten Mephistosystem
Genre Wave, Industrial, Gothik
Inhalt CD
Erschienen 17.11.2006
Kundenbewertung 4 (9)


play 1.Anywhwre And Nowhere 2:31
play 2.Number I Get 4:27
play 3.Follow Myself 4:14
play 4.Try To Be Like You 3:27
play 5.Anybody Cares 3:03
play 6.Impossible Things 3:31
play 7.Blank Faced 3:12
play 8.It Seems 4:23
play 9.Serious 4:09
play 10.All For Nothing 2:52
play 11.Self Deleting 3:18
play 12.D.B.F.S. 4:40
play 13.You 9:26

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  • von booster vom 07. Mai 2007

    hell yeah!

    da ist wohl etwas ganz grosses am entstehen in der ostschweiz! macht weiter so..

  • von metalreview vom 10. April 2007


    Anywhere And Nowhere, the instrumental intro track on Mephistosystem?s debut album Endless Crawl has you wondering if you should be listening to this after a productive visit to your local ?Moroccan Herbalist?. It can only be described as ?Electronic Mess-With-Your-Head music, with a sludgy bass beat and some way-out synths and samples. The promo blurb that came with the CD describes their music thus - ?The unmistakable intensity of Mephistosystem?s sound results from the discrepancy of chaos and organisation, of creativity and destruction: strange and beautiful.? ?..right!!! Chaotic, yes, without a doubt, but organised chaos; there is definite structure in each song that makes order within the chaos. Mephistosystem have taken what you would expect to be the norm, for ?Electro-Industrial Metal?, thrown it all away and replaced it with a design of their own creation. A for example here is; how many bands do you know of that have the bass guitar as a lead instrument. Throughout the album, the bass guitar seems to be doing all the riff-work with some amazing bass lines. The tracks Follow Myself, Anybody Cares, Impossible Things, All For Nothing and You all have heavily distorted and overdriven bass riffs in their intros.

    Hailing from Switzerland, Mephistosystem are ? Vocals, lyrics, music, producer and overall Mastermind behind the band ? Abele Franzé; bass guitar ? Nadia Giacchetta; drums ? Greg Szombath; keyboards/live operators (No, I?m not sure what that means) ? Trigga and Christian Luedi and live guitars (Nope, not a clue) Fabian Muller. They have been compared to Nine Inch Nails and Pitchshifter; though I can?t really hear it myself. Their overall sound is pretty unique but Abele Franzé?s vocals can sometimes sound like Marylin Manson and on The Number I Get he sounds remarkably like U2?s Bono. Getting back to Fabien Muller?s ?Live Guitars?, I do hear guitaring throughout the album and also synth guitars so I think the term ?Live Guitars? refers to ?Real? guitars rather than he only plays guitar with the band when they play live on stage. The thing is, with all the amazing things you can do with a synthesizer, keyboard and a pc, it?s very difficult to figure out what?s a real instrument and what?s been ?manufactured?. Anybody that?s familiar with Fruity Loops, Absynth and Acid Pro etc know how easy it is to create almost a full band on a laptop. I?m sure though, that the acoustic guitar on It Seems is real. You can watch a video of Anybody Cares from the band?s website at and you can try and figure out from that what?s real and what?s not.

    I?d like to comment on all the electronica that?s on the album but it?s knowing where to start, and as I?ve said, knowing what?s real and what?s not. What I do know though, is that Trigga and Christian are definitely master craftsmen of their art. Listening to the album through earphones is highly recommended as you get all this music rattling around your head, bouncing off your skull like a ping-pong ball all thanks to masterful use of stereo effects. Also, synth and pc generated music usually sounds very clean and sterile, this is not the case with Endless Crawl. There have been a few shovels full of rough dumped into the production mix and dirtied things up a bit just to ensure it doesn?t sound ?Over Produced?, a horrible thing to happen to a Metal album.

    Mephistosystem have created a stunning debut album yet because of its genre crossovers they may be hard pushed to get Endless Crawl on to as many CD players as it deserves to. Electronica to a Metalhead conjures up Rave and Dance music so, kinda like Rap Metal, but nowhere near as bad, they are combining two genres from opposite ends of the musical spectrum. You would think Metal fans would buy it for the Metal element and Electronica fans for the Electronica element, but that is too simple as these fans are not too keen on the other fans choice of music, if you know what I mean. It took me quite a few listens-to before it really grabbed my attention, and only after I played it through headphones as my Metalhead mind had a tendency to wander when I listened through the speakers. Headphones also helped me find the hidden bonus track at the end, even though You, a 9:26 track finishing at 3:30, should have alerted me to something being amiss there. Now that I have listened to it properly, I can say that Mephistosystem are very good at what they do and a great deal of hard work, effort and thought has gone in to the creating of this album. I just hope that people can put aside the musical prejudices and biases and spend some time getting to know Endless Crawl. Who knows, it might open up a whole new avenue of music to you that you had not explored because of pre-conceived notions of certain musical genres and styles. Should you not wish to part with your hard earned cash on an album that may be too much work for you before you start to enjoy it, Mephistosystem have released Anybody Cares as a single. So you could get the single, play it ?til you?re humming it in your sleep then go get the album. If, however, you are already a fan of Electro-Industrial Metal then jump straight to the album you won?t be disappointed.

    Killing Songs : The Number I Get, Anybody Cares, Blank Faced, You

  • von Ora et Labora vom 02. April 2007


    Öde sache, die auch nach mehrmaligem durchhören nicht zündet. Sorry, aber ich vermisse da einfach die eigenständigkeit. Vieleicht beim nächsten mal.

  • von <=FIDG.. vom 08. Januar 2007


    echt dicki post euren sound - kompliment!

  • von michele vom 04. Dezember 2006

    rock it!

    wow, endlich frischer wind im industrial!
    sowas wie follow myself, blank faced oder self deleeting hab ich noch nicht gehört in diesem genre! ...und wird nach mehrmaligem hören immer besser - suchtgefahr. super! sankt gallen, wirklich?

  • von spiral vom 03. Dezember 2006

    thats what i get

    danke für diese CD!!!!!!!

  • von Mephisto Waltz vom 30. November 2006

    Huldigung der Vorbilder

    Moderat produziert für ne sankt galler band, sicher. Doch ich vermisse die eigenständigkeit in dem sound. Das klingt mir viel zu viel nach einem abklatsch aus manson, NIN und randstein. Manchmal ist es auch besser in der eigenen sprache zu singen wie das rammstein machen, denn hier kommt die englische sprache alles andere als astrein rüber. Der sound muss einfach zukünftig noch diferenzierter zu den oben erwänten bands kommen, sonst sieht das international recht düster aus. Das marketing scheint ja bereits prächtig zu funktionieren, aber ob das reicht? Wir werden sehen. Good luck for the next generation :-)

  • von gothic_godlesse vom 17. November 2006


    die cd ist fantastisch! einfach nur ein hammer! bin ich froh dass sie diesen samstag nochmals spielen in der reblaube!

  • von master bruce vom 11. Oktober 2006

    oh yeah!

    verdammt war das konzert geil letzten freitag in der grabenhalle! zum glück habe ich die cd dort schon gekauft... kann ich nur empfehlen! also das ganze paket, cd und gig, show und video passt alles super zusammen! ...und das aus der schweiz! wahnsinn!