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Popa Chubby

Ten Years With - Best Of (2 CDs)

Interpreten Popa Chubby
Genre Blues, Zydeco
Inhalt 2 CDs
Erschienen 16.06.2005
Kundenbewertung Keine Rezension vorhanden

Tracks - Disc 1 (CD)

play 1.Angel On My Shoulder 4:19
play 2.Real Thing 5:14
play 3.Laya What Ya Tryin' To Do 4:00
play 4.Shakedown 4:32
play 5.She Said That Evil Was Her Name 5:57
play 6.Black Hearted Woman Feat. Galea 4:36
play 7.Daddy Played The Guitar (And Mama Was A Disco Queen) 3:38
play 8.How'd A White Boy Get The Blues 2:50
play 9.And The Beat Goes On Feat. Galea 3:43
play 10.Messin' With The Kid 6:05
play 11.I Can't See The Light Of Day 3:38
play 12.Somebody Let The Devil Out 4:19
play 13.I'll Be There For You 5:13
play 14.I Can't Quit You Baby Feat. Paul Personne (On Guitar) 7:02
play 15.Top Ten Reasons Why I Can't Sleep At Night 3:30
play 16.Young Men 5:05
play 17.A Chaque Jour Suffit Sa Peine (Bonus Track) 3:56

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Tracks - Disc 2 (CD)

play 1.Caffeine And Nicotine - Live 4:01
play 2.Stoop Down Baby - Live 5:35
play 3.What's So Great About Rock And Roll - Live 3:54
play 4.New York City Blues - Live 16:34
play 5.Walk On The Wild Side - Live 3:37
play 6.Arlita - Live 9:24
play 7.Hey Joe - Live 6:08
play 8.Sweet Goddess Of Love And Beer - Live 13:38
play 9.Life Is A Beatdown - Live 7:35
play 10.Hallelujah - Live 7:26

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