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CH Audio-CD

Final Step

Desert Trolls

Interpreten Final Step
Genre Jazz
Inhalt CD
Erschienen 19.03.2010
Kundenbewertung 5 (1)


play 1.Qaanaaq 7:53
play 2.Desert Trolls 6:05
play 3.Jojo`S Blues 5:35
play 4.Two-Bear Mambo 6:19
play 5.Funky Hoazin 4:19
play 6.Shuttle To Venus 5:29
play 7.Let Your Finger Go On 5:27
play 8.Ghena Bibaira 7:03
play 9.Space Camel 5:27
play 10.True Madness 5:23

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  • von saetec592 vom 16. April 2010

    Final Step /Desert Trolls

    Forget about fusion of the 70's & '80's
    and jump into the real modern/grooving/entertaining/sound -astonishing fusion of the 2000 years.

    Yes, the innovation is right there! Mixing what I said above with great taste and balance.
    Don't expect this CD to be full of experimental/ultra-boring
    licks & tricks and don't expect it to be full of
    melodies for the faint-hearted. This CD is for
    anyone loving the fusion world and waiting something able to shake legs (groove) and mind (rhythm, sound and harmonic
    research) at the same time.

    Indeed, don't forget to watch them life!
    You could start listening with your mind and
    end listening with your legs ("what the hell... it was supposed to be a fusion concert and now I'm dancing!")