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Dr. Feelgood

Singled Out (3 CDs)

Interpreten Dr. Feelgood
Genre Pop, Rock
Inhalt 3 CDs
Erschienen 13.09.2001
Kundenbewertung 5 (1)

Tracks - Disc 1 (CD)

play 1.Roxette 2:56
play 2.She Does It Right 3:21
play 3.Back In The Night 3:18
play 4.Roxette (Live) 2:54
play 5.Sneakin' Suspicion 3:50
play 6.She's A Wind Up 2:03
play 7.Baby Jane 3:02
play 8.Down At The Doctors 3:15
play 9.Milk And Alcohol 2:50
play 10.As Long As The Price Is Right 3:17
play 11.Put Him Out Of Your Mind 3:51
play 12.Hong Kong Money 4:35
play 13.No Mo Do Yakomo 2:15
play 14.Jumping From Love To Love 2:52
play 15.Violent Love 2:21
play 16.Waiting For Saturday Night 3:12
play 17.Milk And Alcohol (New Recipe) 3:07

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Tracks - Disc 2 (CD)

play 1.(Get You Kicks On) Route 3:23
play 2.I Don't Mind 2:35
play 3.I'm A Man 5:17
play 4.Keep It Out Of Sight 3:05
play 5.Lights Out 1:54
play 6.Hi Rise 2:43
play 7.Looking Back 2:00
play 8.Take A Tip 4:19
play 9.Every Kind Of Vice 3:23
play 10.Down At The (Other) Doctors 3:51
play 11.Bend Your Ear 4:05
play 12.Keeka Smeeka 4:04
play 13.Best In The World 2:34
play 14.Love Hound 3:00
play 15.A Case Of The Shakes 2:57
play 16.Eileen 2:35
play 17.She's Got Her Eyes On You 3:13

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Tracks - Disc 3 (CD)

play 1.It Don´T Take But A Few Minutes 3:29
play 2.Blues Jam 5:51
play 3.Riot In Cellblock Number 9 3:56
play 4.Johnny Be Goode (Live) 4:02
play 5.Homework (Live) 2:23
play 6.You Upset Me Baby (Live) 4:20
play 7.Riot In Cellblock Number 9 (Live) 4:01
play 8.The Blues Had A Baby And They Named It Rock´N Roll (Live) 2:36
play 9.Lights Out (Live) 2:27
play 10.Gread Balls Of Fire (Live) 2:09
play 11.Hong Kong Money (Dj-Version) 3:21
play 12.Mad Man Blues 2:25
play 13.Don´T Start Me Talking 2:38
play 14.Suzie Q 2:49
play 15.Gimme One More Shot 2:57

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  • von Patric Baumann vom 12. November 2002


    Die komplette Best of CD von Dr.Feelgood.Ein muss für jeden Pubrock Fan!