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Lieferfrist1 Woche
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Bill Haley

Rock Around The Clock - Oneda (2 CDs)

Interpreten Bill Haley
Genre Rock'n'Roll
Inhalt 2 CDs
Erschienen 07.04.2015
Kundenbewertung Keine Rezension vorhanden

Tracks - Disc 1 (CD)

play 1.Rock Around The Clock 2:12
play 2.Razzle Dazzle 2:44
play 3.Saint's Rock 'N' Roll 3:28
play 4.R-O-C-K 2:19
play 5.Dipsy Doodle 2:25
play 6.Rockin' Through The Rye 2:09
play 7.Now And Then There's A Fool Such As I 2:45
play 8.Green Tree Boogie 2:46
play 9.Forty Cups Of Coffee 2:33
play 10.Corrine, Corrina 2:27
play 11.I'm Gonna Sit Right Down And Write Myself A Letter 2:43
play 12.Shaky 2:01
play 13.(You Hit The Wrong Note) Billy Goat 2:37
play 14.Real Rock Drive 2:21
play 15.Shake, Rattle And Roll 2:29
play 16.Skinnie Minnie 3:00
play 17.Choo Choo Ch'Boogie 2:30
play 18.Rocket 88 2:32
play 19.Stop Beatin' Around The Mulberry Bush 2:25
play 20.Burn That Candle 2:46
play 21.Two Hound Dogs 3:00
play 22.Whoa Mabel! 2:25
play 23.Skokiaan 2:21
play 24.Mambo Rock 2:38
play 25.Teenager's Mother 2:15

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Tracks - Disc 2 (CD)

play 1.See You Later, Alligator 2:47
play 2.Rock A Beatin' Boogie 2:21
play 3.Don't Knock The Rock 2:21
play 4.Crazy Man Crazy 2:39
play 5.Dance With A Dolly (With A Hole In Her Stocking) 2:31
play 6.Farewell, So Long, Good-Bye 2:19
play 7.Birth Of The Boogie 2:15
play 8.Rock The Joint 2:17
play 9.Joey's Song 2:56
play 10.Lean Jean 2:36
play 11.Hot Dog Buddy Buddy 2:30
play 12.Live It Up 2:52
play 13.Pat-A-Cake 2:20
play 14.Rocking Chair On The Moon 2:53
play 15.A.B.C. Boogie 2:29
play 16.Dim, Dim The Lights 2:33
play 17.Fractured 2:10
play 18.Caldonia 2:23
play 19.War Paint 2:00
play 20.Thirteen Women 2:53
play 21.Jukebox Cannonball 2:22
play 22.Spanish Twist 2:21
play 23.I Got A Woman 2:33
play 24.Rudy's Rock 2:39
play 25.Rip It Up 2:34

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