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Elvis Presley

Platinum Collection - White Vinyl (Colored, 3 LPs)

Interpreten Elvis Presley
Genre Rock'n'Roll
Inhalt 3 LPs
Erschienen 07.05.2014
Produktform Colored
Kundenbewertung Keine Rezension vorhanden

Tracks - Disc 1 (LP)

play 1.Can't Help Falling In Love 3:01
play 2.(Marie's The Name) His Latest Flame 2:08
play 3.Surrender 1:53
play 4.It's Now Or Never 3:17
play 5.Stuck On You 2:20
play 6.Wooden Heart 2:03
play 7.Are You Lonesome Tonight 3:08
play 8.A Big Hunk 0'love 2:05
play 9.Little Sister 2:32
play 10.Rock - A - Hula Baby 1:59
play 11.A Fool Such As I 2:29
play 12.I Need Your Love Tonight 2:05
play 13.One Night 2:32
play 14.I Got Stung 1:51
play 15.Hard Headed Woman 1:54
play 16.Don't 2:50
play 17.Jailhouse Rock 2:28
play 18.(Let Me Be Your) Teddy Bear 1:47
play 19.All Shook Up 1:58
play 20.Too Much 2:32
play 21.Love Me Tender 2:43
play 22.Hound Dog 2:17
play 23.Don't Be Cruel 2:02
play 24.I Want You, I Need You, I Love You 2:38
play 25.Heartbreak Hotel 2:10
play 26.I Forgot To Remember To Forget 2:30

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Tracks - Disc 2 (LP)

play 1.The Girl Of My Best Friend 2:24
play 2.King Creole 2:08
play 3.Wear My Ring Around Your Neck 2:15
play 4.I Feel So Bad 2:55
play 5.Wild In The Country 1:53
play 6.Flaming Star 2:29
play 7.Loneley Man 2:47
play 8.I Gotta Know 2:17
play 9.A Mess Of Blues 2:42
play 10.Fame And Fortune 2:32
play 11.My Wish Came True 2:35
play 12.Don't Ask Me Why 2:07
play 13.Docha Think It's Time 1:58
play 14.I Beg Of You 1:52
play 15.Treat Me Nice 2:11
play 16.Loving You 2:13
play 17.Peace In The Valley 3:22
play 18.Playing For Keeps 2:52
play 19.Poor Boy 2:15
play 20.When My Blue Moon Turn To Gold Again 2:23
play 21.Love Me 2:45
play 22.Any Way You Want Me 2:16
play 23.My Baby Left Me 2:13
play 24.Bleu Suede Shoes 2:01
play 25.I Was The One 2:35

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Tracks - Disc 3 (LP)

play 1.There's Always Me 2:19
play 2.Give Me The Right 2:34
play 3.It's A Sin 2:42
play 4.Sentimental Me 2:32
play 5.Starting Today 2:06
play 6.Gently 2:18
play 7.I'm Coming Home 2:23
play 8.In Your Arms 1:51
play 9.Put The Blame On Me 1:59
play 10.Judy 2:12
play 11.I Want You With Me 2:14
play 12.I Slipped, I Stumbled, I Fell 1:35
play 13.Blue Hawaii 2:35
play 14.Almost Always True 2:25
play 15.Aloha Oe 1:53
play 16.No More 2:23
play 17.Moonlight Swim 2:20
play 18.Ku-U-I-Po 2:22
play 19.Ito Eats 1:23
play 20.Silicin' Sand 1:36
play 21.Hawaiian Sunset 2:32
play 22.Beach Boy Blues 2:03
play 23.Island Of Love 2:41
play 24.Hawaiian Wedding Song 2:56

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