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Fair Warning

Box (5 CDs)

Interpreten Fair Warning
Genre Hardrock, Metal
Inhalt 5 CDs
Erschienen 13.06.2014
Kundenbewertung Keine Rezension vorhanden

Tracks - Disc 1 (CD)

play 1.Angels Of Heaven 5:12
play 2.Save Me 5:13
play 3.All On Your Own 5:12
play 4.I'll Be There 4:32
play 5.Man On The Moon 4:48
play 6.Without You 4:07
play 7.Follow My Heart 3:46
play 8.Rivers Of Love 3:57
play 9.Somewhere 4:50
play 10.Eyes Of A Stranger 4:49
play 11.Sailing Home 4:27
play 12.Way You Want It 4:01
play 13.Love Song 3:52

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Tracks - Disc 2 (CD)

play 1.Angels Of Heaven (Live) 7:24
play 2.I'll Be There (Live) 5:01
play 3.Man On The Moon (Live) 6:29
play 4.Don't Give Up (Live) 6:02
play 5.Desert Song (Live) 7:32
play 6.We Used To Be Friends (Live) 2:23
play 7.Follow My Heart (Live) 3:57
play 8.Intro: Bach For More/Come On (Live) 5:25
play 9.Keyboard Solo/Save Me (Live) 6:28
play 10.Guitar Solo/Burning Heart (Live) 6:59
play 11.Get A Little Closer (Live) 6:20
play 12.Stars And The Moon (Live) 3:59
play 13.Like A Rock 4:07
play 14.Meant To Be 4:27
play 15.Out Of The Night 4:36

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Tracks - Disc 3 (CD)

play 1.Heart On The Run 5:46
play 2.Through The Fire 4:00
play 3.Break Free 5:05
play 4.Forever 5:24
play 5.Tell Me I'm Wrong 4:21
play 6.Dream 5:02
play 7.I Fight 4:01
play 8.Time Will Tell 4:17
play 9.Eyes Of Love 3:58
play 10.Find My Way 3:46
play 11.Night Falls 4:42
play 12.Wait 4:06
play 13.For The Young 4:17

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Tracks - Disc 4 (CD)

play 1.Don't Keep Me Waiting 4:28
play 2.Generation Jedi 5:19
play 3.All Of My Love 4:57
play 4.Rainbow Eyes 4:15
play 5.Push Me On 12:23
play 6.Wasted Time 4:45
play 7.Cry 4:33
play 8.Way 5:14
play 9.Once Bitten, Twice Shy 3:45
play 10.Tell Me Lies 5:07
play 11.In The Dark 5:37
play 12.All I Wanna Do 5:07

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Tracks - Disc 5 (CD)

play 1.Fighting For Your Love 4:33
play 2.Here Comes The Heartache 4:16
play 3.Hey Girl 5:14
play 4.Don't Count On Me 4:32
play 5.Falling 4:52
play 6.Holding On 5:00
play 7.Walking On Smiles 4:48
play 8.Someday 4:59
play 9.It Takes More 5:01
play 10.As Snow White Found Out 5:23
play 11.Station To Station 4:42
play 12.Falling Reprise 5:19

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