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Misery Index

Killing Gods - Collectors Edition

Interpreten Misery Index
Genre Hardrock, Metal
Inhalt CD
Erschienen 23.05.2014
Kundenbewertung Keine Rezension vorhanden

MISERY INDEX return with a fury worthy of the title of their new album, "The Killing Gods". With their fifth full-length, the American icons of hard hitting brutality display the strength of maturity grown out of the experience gained as a relentless touring machine. The general trend of their continuous evolution to incorporate less core elements and move towards classic death metal finds a new high water mark with “The Killing Gods”. Now brace hold tight and duck for cover, for the wrath of the gods is upon us!

Deluxe Digibox including:

  • ‘The Killing Gods’ on CD in jewel case with slipcase (alternative artwork)

  • MINISTRY cover as bonus track

  • Metal pin

  • Printed patch

  • 3 vinyl stickers

  • Tracks

    play 1.Urfaust 1:07
    play 2.Calling 3:39
    play 3.Oath 1:20
    play 4.Conjuring The Cull 4:45
    play 5.Harrowing 4:28
    play 6.Killing Gods 5:30
    play 7.Cross The Bear 4:25
    play 8.Gallows Humor 4:44
    play 9.Weakener 3:55
    play 10.Sentinels 2:37
    play 11.Colony Collapse Feat. John Gallagher 3:33
    play 12.Heretics 3:36
    play 13.Thieves Of The New World Order (Ministry Cover Bonus Track) 2:08

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